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Sarasota's Bruce Famiglio Launches Realty Advisor Website

Sarasota’s Bruce Famiglio Launches Realty Advisor Website

| Laura Bell Adams |

Realtyadvisor.Expert was designed for the discriminating buyer to not only simplify the home buying process but ensure them they are matched up with professionals who will get the job done right. There is so much more than just finding a home. Anyone can find a home on a website. The real trick is getting to the settlement table. For most, buying a home is one of their largest and most expensive purchases. There are other very important businesses directly related to this purchase such as, a Real Estate Lawyer, Mortgage Lender, Title Insurance, and Home Warranty just to name a few.

The inspiration to design this service was born at a gathering I hosted for some new neighbors that had recently moved into my neighborhood of Arlington Park. It is located just a few miles south of downtown Sarasota, Florida. Our neighborhood is going through a major transition. Builders are buying up existing houses, tearing them down & building new, mostly midcentury modern homes, and selling them in the price range from $700,000 to $1,000,000. 

As a local and long time Realtor, I was bombarded with a lot of questions about the local market and future property values. The conversation lingered well through the homemade tomato and basil bruschetta. By the time we started to enjoy the main course (my homemade gnocchi, gravy & Italian broccoli) the conversation turned to how the industry has changed. At this point, as I was reaching for the Italian bread and a second helping of Broccoli Rabe, I couldn’t help but chime in to the conversation as I am an outspoken critic of what my industry has become. 

Let me offer up a little background. Since the advent of the internet all sorts of businesses have been turned topsy-turvy. The Real Estate industry is no exception. With the addition of Zillow and other on-line real estate companies, buyers are now thrown into an endless pit of agents who may or may not be qualified.

Keep in mind that websites such as Zillow and Trulia have one goal in mind. Generating leads and, in turn, revenue for their websites. Agents pay these companies for the leads generated by prospective buyers. The cost of the leads can vary and be as high as $3,000 + a month. It’s all relative to property location, zip codes and home values. In today’s market a buyer need not look for an agent /professional to help him find a new house. They can just go on Zillow or any one of several rival sites the company swallowed up. The question is, how knowledgeable is the agent? How experienced? Do they truly have your best interest at heart?

Remember, even though these are the exact sites where buyers begin their search, they can and do create a variety of problems due to the misleading advertising and inaccurate data.

If you enter your information into online real estate databases, expect your phone to start buzzing. As your information will potentially be shared with hundreds of agents. The house you were simply curious about has now caused you hours of annoying calls, texts, and emails from different agents. If an agent is persistent this could last for months.

Over espresso and dessert a Real Estate referral service is born - in Sarasota, FloridaAs I served dessert (homemade tiramisu, cannoli’s and biscotti along with Italian Roast espresso) several of my guests shared their personal horror stories about being inundated with phone calls and how their home buying process was more of a chore than a joy. We all agreed there must be a better way. By the time we made it through the Limoncello, we decided perhaps a Real Estate referral service was the answer.

Our mission is to provide a hassle-free & reliable referral service for you, the discriminating buyer, to match you up to the right real estate agents, lawyers, lenders, title insurance companies, home warranty & home inspectors that you can count on!

Feel free to check us out. One click does it all. 

Website by Sande Caplin and Associates

Photos courtesy of Facebook and depositphotos.


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