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Jimmy John

Sarasota Bradenton Airport Continues Expanding, Including Jimmy John’s Newly Opened Quick Service Restaurant

| Suncoast Post Staff |

Sarasota Bradenton Airport is continuing to expand and offer more services in the coming months. From recent $10 million earmarked funding from the Biden Administration for infrastructure and expansion needs to more airlines offering flights in and out, things continue to skyrocket. Recently, these expanded services saw a new Jimmy John’s Quick Service Restaurant added to the dining options at the airport.

Jimmy John’s is an Illinois-headquartered sub shop that opened the shop the first week of September. This shop is the second-ever airport location for this chain of restaurants. It is located on the second floor of the main airport terminal in Concourse B and is owned by a multi-franchisee, Mark Mitchell. This new location will offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner of their signature fresh-baked French bread, all-natural hand-sliced meat and cheese, hand-sliced fresh veggies, and more. Whether a traveler, airport staff, or airline personnel stops by for a quick bite from before the first flight departs to after the last flight arrives. 

“This new restaurant will provide our customers another food choice from a reputable brand that provides high-quality sandwiches,” airport president and CEO Rick Piccolo said. “Having the option to grab a quick bite before your flight is another customer service enhancement we are proud to add to the SRQ experience.”

SRQ continues to see huge increases in travelers, making expansion plans to meet the demand to continue to multiply. Last year was the busiest one in airport recorded history and broke the record on top of it. To help safely accommodate these burgeoning numbers of travelers, the airport is building a new ground transportation center, a rental car facility, new restaurants, hotels, and office buildings along University Parkway, a new customs facility, a massive terminal expansion, and more.

Whether you are flying into SRQ this coming winter or visiting family for the holidays, be sure and take a gander at all the expansion efforts. Stop by the new Jimmy John’s location, and have a fresh, nutritious bite to eat before your flight. This wonderful airport that makes travel in and out of communities continues to grow, expand and bring more services to Sarasota and Manatee counties. Wonder what the next addition to expanding food, beverage, and travel services will be at the airport?

Happy travels, Suncoast! 

Photo from SRQ Airport

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