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Ron Unger

Ron Unger- IBE

| Sande Caplin |

The International Barter Exchange and Ron Unger…Two Names You Should Remember!
A Laurie Story!

I was thrilled to be able to get Ron Unger to spend a few minutes with me explaining the realm and concept of his business, IBE, the International Barter Exchange.  At one time there were 16 different barter companies in the area, but now there are just a few.  I asked Ron why, and he proceeded to tell me the scope and the possibilities that barter makes accessible to businesses, their customers, their families and how they fuel the economy.

My first exposure was to locate an interview that Ron did for the local NBC News station which, months later, was aired on NBC in New York, and of course broadcast nationally through Brian William’s news show that airs at 6:30 Monday through Friday.  They chose IBE and Ron Unger because his is a success story, and his business is the consummate barter exchange that is high-powered and prosperous.  They were particularly interested in how barter provided the ability, let’s say, for an example, for a small floral business to expand and basically trade flowers for medical insurance for their employees.  Ron feels that the benefit of the NBC exposure was of tremendous educational value on how to promote ways to deal with the economy while building your business.

Art Conforti, the Sarasota florist who bartered for medical insurance for his employees, was, with his father, the only two employees in their business.  What using Ron Unger’s barter exchange business did for him was phenomenal.  He now has 70 Employees and he barters in exchange for health benefits for all of his employees.  In fact, there are so many unexpected quality services available through bartering that I was flabbergasted to hear from Ron how creative traders can get when they really need something.  One person was able to give his child support payments through schooling, music lessons, clothing for his kids, and more.  My friend goes to the dentist, doctor, chiropractor and massage therapist by using his barter dollars in exchange for services.

Another friend, Sande Caplin, is a successful website builder in the Sarasota area.  Let’s say that Sande has, say, $3000 in his barter account.  He can trade a website job through IBE.  Then he can use those IBE dollars for purchases, for a cleaning service, dinner at Clayton’s Siesta Grill or Ophelia’s, or even take a vacation in a local beach resort.  It’s a win-win situation when you belong to IBE and let Ron and Mary Unger, educate you on how to best use local companies and services and offer your own services in exchange for barter money.

Ron Unger says, “What separates our barter company from the rest is that we’re on with Google Plus, Linked In and have over 90,000 views a month on Twitter. IBE has the power to increase your business foundation as well as stimulate future business. You can barter to come into this world, and barter with one of the local Funeral Homes to go out of this world. Barter is a tool to timulate additional business.  Cash is spent which promotes business stimulus.

This economy supplies a way to get much needed service in exchange for barter.  Sande Caplin, who I mentioned before, is a website builder extraordinaire. Through his own talents and using barter trading, he has gotten popular and grown his business considerably.  Trading has gotten popular.  You need to use social media tools to promote your business and you will absolutely benefit from this. “While I used to be in marketing  and publishing, I used the elevation from marketing and incorporated it into a specialized marketing tool to stimulate business.  There used to be 16 other barter agencies.  Now there are less.  People walk in here every day asking what we do.  Then they come to me for marketing tools to fuel their businesses.”  

“We are the one of the  first barter companies in the U.S. to have a phone app for Android and iPhones that is interactive for our clients.  IBE  uses all medias to promote the company. IBE is also a  big supporter of non-profits in the Sarasota area.IBE Barter

“Since 1981 IBE has enjoyed a rewarding business relationship with our community.  We just transitioned into a newly re-designed building and has a complete art gallery on the premises. Each week  many clients and newcomers come to the IBE office to visit, get educated and also trade.  Ron invites anyone to visit the office at 1161 N. Tamiami Trail in downtown Sarasota  or log onto the website: or like us on our Facebook page.”

It was exciting and educational to have Ron take the time teach me the workings and the positive principles of bartering.  It may be just the thing your business needs to become bigger and more lucrative.  Stop by and let Ron tell you a few of the success stories.  You’ll love him.

by Laurie Mirkin

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