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Revolutionary Martial Arts & Fitness - Building Life Warriors In Venice, FL

Revolutionary Martial Arts & Fitness – Building Life Warriors In Venice, FL

| Laura Bell Adams |

Some businesses are worth their weight in gold in the way that they serve the communities they are in. Of course, when a business delivers an outstanding product or service, a customer base will expand to support it wholeheartedly. But it’s when a business is invested in its surrounding schools, charitable organizations, and neighbors that a bond occurs cementing their position in the community as a star.

Buck Buckmaster, the owner of Revolutionary Martial Arts & Fitness, understands that hard work and dedication to one’s goals is the only way to achieve success, not only in a personal manner but also as a business plan. As a 5th degree black belt with over 20 years’ experience in martial arts, he has helped countless people achieve greater physical strength and agility, increase their confidence and help them defend themselves in precarious situations. From toddlers to senior citizens, special needs individuals to teens with attitudes, Buck has created a well-oiled system of individualized classes so that an entire family could walk in and there would be something for all to enjoy.




One of the main reasons Buck developed an interest in martial arts was as a way to spend time with his children, while also providing a healthy outlet that would serve them well as they grew. He has seen firsthand, over and over again, the spark of self-reliance in his students’ eyes as they hone their craft and develop skills. One of the programs near and dear to his heart is in the schools where Buck spends 30 minutes with a classroom full of kids teaching them deep breathing and focusing exercises, something today’s youth is sorely lacking. This is just one of the ways in which Buck gives back to the area. Another popular program he has developed is a self-defense class offered twice a year in which women in particular are taught helpful life-saving skills. Not to leave the seniors out, a popular Extreme Cane class helps teach the elderly that their cane can be a potent weapon against attackers.

Buck Buckmaster, owner of Revolutionary Martial Arts & Fitness in Venice, FLAs far as the martial arts that are covered at Revolutionary Martial Arts & Fitness, there is an impressive lineup to accommodate every skill level. From Tai Kwan Do to Tai Chi and Tai Zhang Dao, Buck is interested in providing the entire family a place for after-school activities and weekend classes. His pricing policy is very budget-friendly in that if two family members are paying for classes, the entire family can join for free. Aerobic Kickboxing and Anti-Bullying are great tools for your school-age children to learn that a healthy exercise regimen can give them the courage they need to stand up to bullies. With focus on character and morals at the core, Buck’s students are often school leaders and activists for others. He has also acted as a third parent at times, being the voice of reason and disciplinarian should any of his students act up in the classroom or at home. Chances are if you live in the Venice area you are familiar with the high praises that Revolutionary Martial Arts & Fitness receives from its clients and others. Community leaders and business partners appreciate the extra efforts Buck and his team lend to events and that they are always looking for ways to enrich the lives of Venice residents.

If you sign up for a class today you will receive two free weeks of instruction at RMA, or just stop in to meet Buck, he is always there and ready to share the benefits of martial arts with you. Revolutionary Martial Arts & Fitness is located at 2141 S. Tamiami Trail in Venice. They are affiliated with the National Tae Kwan Do Federation and National Association of Professional Martial Arts. For more information, please visit their website at

Photos courtesy of Revolutionary Martial Arts & Fitness website and Deposit Photos.


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