Restaurant Community Working Together in Sarasota, Florida

Restaurant Community Working Together in Sarasota, Florida

Southside Village is a vibrant, close-knit community, and home to several small, locally owned neighborhood restaurants that add personality to the charming area.

Since restaurants in Florida have halted dining in and switched to takeout only, restaurateurs in this unique community are responding to the challenge collaboratively in reshaped times. 1812 Osprey, is a small family-owned neighborhood bistro serving New American, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern food with exciting specials every day. Adam Palermo, manager of 1812 Osprey, since 2017, appreciates the support of his fellow restaurateurs and the community at large during this time. “We are a community, not a competition,” says Adam, “we are staying positive, although the streets are empty in March, we continue adjusting by offering ‘contactless curbside to-go,’ and taking credit cards on our secure line over the phone.” Adam feels determined to continue adapting to a new normal as he works at keeping 1812 Osprey viable. Click here for delectable daily specials



1812 Osprey offering curbside pick-up in Sarasota, FLI spoke with Knickole Barger, the owner of Knicks Tavern & Grill, a neighborhood staple and mother of an eight-year daughter that is now home full time until April 15. She is upbeat and hopes to sustain herself and her employees financially during this unprecedented time. “So far I’ve kept all of my full-time employees,” says Knickole, “they’re so much more than employees, we have become a family over the years, we care about each other, that’s what makes this so hard because I care about everyone on this team.” The community has been great and very generous with tipping for ‘contactless to-go.’ Still, every day is different, and Knickole awaits additional changes that may further impact her small business in this fast-changing landscape, which is directly impacting restaurants throughout the state. Click here for delectable daily specials.

Curbside pickup available at many restaurants in Sarasota, FLOrigins Craft Beer And Pizza Cafe is typically a bustling casual neighborhood eatery, but today they are feeling the strain of switching to a completely to go business. Rami Nehme, like his colleagues, is offering ‘contactless curbside to-go,’ and ‘contactless home delivery.’ Rami adds, “We are donating and delivering pizzas to the hospital staff that is working 24-7. I’m not that busy right now and supporting the local hospital that offers us vital services, by bringing them pizza, is the right thing to do.” Rami has been able to keep some staff and is trying to find the best way forward for his slowed business while making ends meet with regards to his overheads. Check out their menu – click here! 

The Oasis Cafe & Bakery is a cozy family-owned community restaurant operated by Jim & Melissa Palermo, and they too are adjusting by serving comfort breakfast food, lunch, and delicious home-baked goods curbside every day. “It’s the hardest thing to let good people go, but for a business like ours, switching to a take out only impacts us.” says Jim. “We rallied as a nation after 9/11, and we’re doing that again, being kind to one another and that’s how we keep going.” Check out their menu – click here! 

Please consider supporting local restaurants with contact-free curbside take out and contactless delivery and help assure our economy is turning as these small businesses continue offering delicious food.

“Competition has been shown to be useful to a certain point and no further, but cooperation, which is the thing we must strive for today, begins where competition leaves off.” ~ Franklin D. Rosevelt

Photos from Southside Village FB page (top) and Colin Reisner


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