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Bonnie Kissam, creator of the Effortless Swing

Releasing The Golfer’s Inner Power

| Sande Caplin |

Do you hold your breath when you address the ball? Do you clench your teeth and grip the club way too tightly? Do you say ouch after a swing? Your worst enemy could be yourself!  “Golf is a series of effortless swings.  Golf is a game of the mind.  It is a game of inches.”  Golf Pro, Hartford, CT

All golfers want to improve their score. This requires putting that tiny little ball accurately into the hole with the least amount of strokes consistently. There are many strategies golfers use to help create that consistency including lessons, newer and better clubs and balls, and practice, practice, practice. Heightening one’s awareness to how to sense the ability to move fluidly within themselves (effortlessly) with even distribution of effort from their feet to their hands is not often thought of as a priority. The Effortless Swing® approach for optimal golf is a program that suggests just that.

Deep down inside, every golfer knows what if feels like to perform an effortless swing! That is the time when they hit the ball and it flies, with no effort at all.

Bonnie Kissam, creator of the Effortless Swing approach for optimal golf, offers a strategy so that a golfers swing is a skill that can be enhanced off the golf course. She puts ‘the feel’ back into the ability to improve.  Minds can become more focused and overall ability to control the club is more fine-tuned. The program has the golfers in their living room, lying on the floor or sitting in a chair, connecting their movements from their feet through their pelvis to their hands in unique awareness/movement lessons. It is helpful for the week-end golfer, the golfer recovering from an injury or the mindful golfer interested in fine-tuning their skills.

Performing that golf swing consistently with that fine-tuned ability necessary for golf, will take that golfer to another level. The Effortless Swing® approach is a series of movement lessons (The Feldenkrais Method®) that create a consistent golf swing through body/mind awareness. Golfers become more powerful and focused. For the past twenty years hundreds of golfers at workshops have benefited from this approach…and now, for only $34.95, you too, can gain the benefits.

Bonnie is a certified Feldenkrais Practitioner with over 30 years experience and has been a local practitioner working out of Ionie’s on 1241 Fruitville Road for the past 10 years. The movement awareness lessons in the CD are based on the Feldenkrais Method.  Details of the program can be seen at    Bonnie can be reached at 941.587.4535.  

Bonnie offers individual lessons at Ionie’s and offers a Special Holiday combination of CD and Individual lesson for $110.

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