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pixie dust

Pixie Dust – A Very Special Place on Main Street

| Christine Baer |

Downtown Sarasota has its very own metaphysical boutique! In addition to the beautiful and in some cases therapeutic gifts, Pixie Dust offers Ayurvedic Massage Therapy along with other treatments.

One can enjoy the amazing effects of a massage with medicated herbal oils. The traditional abhyanga treatment includes a warm oil massage that detoxifies and rejuvenates the body, improves circulation, strengthens the immune system and enhances the complexion of the skin leaving you with a beautiful sense of well being.

Stunning jewelry, unique cards with amazing words of wisdom, beautiful crystals, smudge sticks, healing incense and musical instruments are some of the wonderful and therapeutic items found at this charming shop!

The staff at Pixie Dust are very helpful and have knowledge in every area of metaphysics so they can help you choose that special gift for a dear one or for yourself. Workshops and a variety of sessions are held to share the teaching of metaphysics.

Pixie Dust honors all paths

Johnna wants the community to know that Pixie Dust honors all paths, therefore it is not a place that only serves New Age followers, Buddhists or Christians. They serve every path, offering something for all.

“Everyone, in all walks of life, is looking for the light and we all have a different understanding of how to get there. Pixie Dust is a place where finding the light is possible.” Johnna White. Pixie Dust is a place to visit to become and feel uplifted.

Take a virtual tour

Click here for a virtual tour of this magical shop…a gem of downtown Sarasota!

Address: 1476 Main Street, downtown Sarasota
Phone: (941) 366-6325

For more information on the Virtual Tour, contact Chris at:

Photo from Christine Baer.

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