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Parkway Animal Hospital

| Sande Caplin |

Parkway Animal Hospital is a state-of-the-art facility in Sarasota with a highly-trained staff of professionals who are dedicated to the care and healing of your pets.  The latest technologies are offered at Parkway Animal Hospital under the guidance of Gilberto Corona, D.V.M., and Dr. Sarena von der Heyde, D.V.M.  The other staff members are technicians, assistants and  receptionists who all work together to give you and your pet a wonderful, loving experience.

The Hospital has four examination rooms.  You can sit on a comfortable bench while the doctors and their assistants tend to your pet.  The walls are covered with educational posters that will supply you with valuable material as you wait.  Each room has enough supplies to perform most routine exam room procedures and of course plenty of treats to reward the good behavior of our furry friends. The examination tables can be flipped up out of the way to accommodate examining large dogs on the floor where they are more comfortable.  It’s in the examination room where they take the time to get to know you and your pet, review your questions and concerns about your pet’s health and perform a thorough physical examination.

Parkway Animal Hospital, Sarasota FloridaParkway Animal Hospital is equipped with the latest x-ray technology to determine if there is an underlying problem with bones or tissue.  Their equipment is licensed and inspected for efficiency by the government.  Often, these x-rays will show objects inside of your pet that may have been ingested at home, like golf balls and coins.

When surgery is indicated, your pet will undergo a procedure performed by their expert veterinarians and this is undergone in a very sterile environment.  After carefully and thoroughly scrubbing with special surgical soap, the surgeon must dress in a cap, mask, and sterile gown and gloves. Hand towels, gowns and surgical instruments are steam sterilized in our autoclave.

Dr. Corona VeteranarianThe kennels at the back of the treatment room are in full vision of their laboratory, surgical suite and doctor’s office.   This enables the doctors and staff  to observe the behavior of the post-surgical pets and have them under constant supervision. These are their recovery rooms and they watch each recovering patient to assure healing.  Dehydrated and very sick patients require intravenous fluids. The amount of fluid delivered  to a patient can be precisely controlled by using an intravenous fluid pump.

Just behind the examination rooms is the pharmacy.  They store a variety of medications for your pets and keep the pharmacy well-stocked.  This allows them to prescribe and give you your pet’s medication immediately.  This saves you the time and inconvenience of going to an external pharmacy. It also allows you to start your pet’s medication right away, which in some cases is crucial.  You can also fill your pet’s medicine online.

Parkway also has a pet nutrition store, which provides every pet with the proper nutrition for their stage of life.  Parkway Animal Hospital is a complete, one-stop hospital that is convenient and  practical.

8237 Cooper Creek Boulevard, Sarasota FloridaParkway Animal Hospital is located at 2847 University Parkway in Sarasota, FL 34243.  The website will supply you with valuable information about our staff and how we can help you and your pet. Their phone number is Phone: 941-351-8888. Their hours are Monday – Friday from 8 am – 6 pm.

To reach their After Hours Emergency Room, the Animal ER of University Park, call 941-355-2884.  They are located at 8237 Cooper Creek Blvd in Sarasota.  Their hours of operation are Monday – Friday from 6 pm – 7 am.  They are also open weekends and holidays, 24 hours a day.

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