Bradenton Auto Center


We’re all so busy in today’s world and hardly have enough time to accomplish our everyday tasks. So when your car needs repair, or you need a vehicle, there’s a one-stop-shopping auto center in Bradenton that is almost too good to be true. The owner of Bradenton Auto Center, Omar Gutierrez, has decades of experience in the car business and knows how to satisfy his customers and give them what they need.

If you’re looking for quality used cars and want a special model, Omar will be glad to help you with that, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised at his excellent, upscale inventory. At Bradenton Auto Center you’ll find you can get the following services without having to leave the lot: complete auto repair, auto body repair, auto insurance sales, detailing for your car, marine services for your boat, and stress-free auto loans.

Pest Control Sarasota, Bradenton


There’s a whole new method for taking care of bugs, critters and four-legged pests that invade your home, your attic and your garage. The owner of Your Termite and Pest Control, Walter Kurutz, was excited to tell me about Termatrac Termite Inspection and Treatment System, which is the latest andContinue Reading


Storm Erotica Creations & Designs INTRODUCING “Where Your Fantasies Begin.”  We specialize in unique fantasy designs for adults that take their “Dressing Up Seriously”! We have outfits that are “Wicked”, “Wild”, and “Playfully Fun to Wear”…….Anytime!! Dressing up is not just for Halloween anymore…… This is where “Fun andContinue Reading

Cruizers Car Wash Sarsota Florida


Cruizers Express Car Wash is a family owned establishment helping to clean up Sarasota’s and the surrounding area’s dirty cars since 1988. It is the closest car wash to Sarasota and Long Boat Key. It’s an absolutely state-of-the-art car wash and offers really fast service for those of us who never have enough time in our lives to accomplish chores like getting our cars cleaned. Cruizers is a full-service car wash and they offer free vacuums and complete car detailing, if you so desire. The staff is professionally trained in how to take your dusty and dirty car and make it look like you just pulled out of the showroom! Aren’t we all happy when our cars look snappy?

Bich Mai Massage Therapy


There are many massage therapists in Sarasota and, but if you don’t have a word-of-mouth referral, the responsible and safe direction to take would be to get a recommendation from your family doctor. It is so important that you understand who you are going to see, what modes of massage therapy they use, their location, office hours and reputation. The plus is that now massage therapy is often paid for by many insurance companies, so the brunt of payments is removed from your financial burden.

As the medical field begins to recognize the benefits of massage therapy, one thing is evident: you must discuss with your family physician or specialist what kind of therapy you’ll be receiving before you embark on this journey. A qualified, licensed massage therapist will completely cover your medical history to determine what modes of therapy will benefit you and where on your body the pain and discomfort are. In rare cases, where extreme medical problems exist, your therapist will recommend not engaging in this type of therapy, as massage might worsen some conditions. For most people, though, massage therapy is an extremely crucial element of their total wellness regimen.

Sande Caplin & Associates


No stranger to local Sarasota businesses is Sande Caplin.  Sande Caplin & Associates is a Sarasota web design firm who have created sites over a hundred local businesses here in Sarasota, Bradenton, and surrounding areas.  The firm focuses on increasing and improving the presentation of small to mid-size local businesses. Continue Reading


Fox Mirror and Glass is a family-owned and operated manufacturer of the finest and most individualistic shower doors, enclosures and mirrored glass on the west coast of Florida.  Richard and Cheryl Fox, have a dedication to quality that is rare these days, and an enthusiasm for their work.  If youContinue Reading