If you are peeking out your windows and considering making the move from couch to car, we have a fun, peaceful, and socially distanced event for you to consider. Sunflowers at Hunsader Farms! Picture, if you will, this: Gentle sounds of playful birds as they seem to lazily discuss theContinue Reading


Happy to know that the “dimmer switch” on the economy will start to head in the right direction starting Monday. Certainly good news for restaurants, retail and those scheduling elective surgery. It won’t be 100%, but baby steps are at least underway. I’ve been spending my days like many ofContinue Reading


This boutique hydroponic farm has one goal – to produce vegetables that are unusual and not only taste great but keep for a longer time period which prevents waste. 100% pesticide free, using our lovely ladybugs as natural pesticide control so Living Lettuce stays fresh for 2 weeks! Greens canContinue Reading


Before finding Real Estate on Sale I was lucky to discover Florida’s Suncoast as a child. We were camping along the Little Manatee River, escaping the Illinois winter in paradise where adults could golf, and kids could swim and fish and make friends. Dad asked for recommendations for a reallyContinue Reading