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Paradise - 1

Owning a piece of paradise? It’s possible.

| Ray Collins |

Whoever would have guessed that a pandemic would actually be a boost for the real estate industry?  Our office at the Coldwell Banker downtown Sarasota branch in December, had the biggest month ever!

I’ve been contacted by a dozen friends up north about opportunities in Florida.  Sometimes I fit them into something I’m listing, other times I refer them to other Coldwell Banker agents around the state—but there’s also a third wild-card option that some find very intriguing:

There’s a Marriott affiliate on Anna Maria Island called the Waterline Villas & Marina.  It’s 37 suites on the water, each with a boat slip.  The owners, Mainsail out of Tampa, are now selling the suites to the public as condos.

You can buy one of these two-bedroom/two-bathroom fully furnished units and stay in it up to 120 nights a year, and when you’re not there it goes back to the Marriott rental platform and can get rented out. And here’s the kicker—you can CURRENTLY get back 80% of the rental income!

Paradise - 3

This concept is especially interesting to the boating community since each condo owner gets a boat slip as well. 

But wait—there’s more!  A popular restaurant ownership group/family that’s been regularly featured on the Food Network opened a French-themed restaurant in the lobby.  The Chateau Anna Maria is drawing people in for its fine dining.  Excellent restaurant and adds another dimension to this already fun destination.

Let me know if you want to know more about owning a piece of paradise. It’s certainly a unique opportunity.

Otherwise, it is indeed a seller’s market right now in Florida.  Not a lot of homes for sale here in paradise, relatively speaking, interest rates remain low and the pandemic continues to cause people to re-evaluate their housing…and their lives.

Paradise - 2

Have a happy and productive 2021.

Ray Collins is a Realtor for Coldwell Banker in Downtown Sarasota.  His background as a TV newscaster enables him to produce high-end videos for sellers and has generated statewide recognition in the industry. His in-depth knowledge of the area—having covered it up close as a reporter—helps prospective buyers who are looking for the right fit. For more information, call 941-228-0091; email: or visit his website.  Ray writes a monthly real estate column for the Suncoast Post.

Photos from Ray Collins

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