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OM Shoppe & Spa

The OM Shoppe & Spa in Sarasota, A Haven of Ancient & Modern Natural Wellness Products

| Beth Snyder |

OM Shoppe & Spa in Sarasota, A Haven of Ancient & Modern Natural Wellness Products

If you are looking for a haven of ancient & modern natural wellness products and services, then, the beautiful expansive crystal-gridded space of The OM Shoppe & Spa is where you want to be! This serene place is half retail shop, half luxury spa. Every single item and treatment they offer is intentionally offered with the highest attention to detail. With an ever-revolving array of fair-trade products from local artisans the world over, it’s difficult to run in and out of the store quickly as your senses are captivated in a mix of allure and serenity. 

As you walk in, the first thing that will catch your attention will probably be their enchanting array of crystal singing bowls of all varieties and sizes. If you have never experienced their sound before, be prepared to have your mind transported into serenity. 

OM Shoppe & Spa 2

This is one of the ways The OM Shoppe truly stands out: their high-end, innovative sound therapy tools, instruments, & spa treatments. Just this year, they began offering a cutting-edge vibroacoustic chair therapy treatment and up leveled the luscious treatment with a hypnotherapy add-on package, for a transformational series of treatments that will leave you walking out, feeling like a whole new person! Through entrancing voice & experienced guidance of Beth A. Snyder, CCHt, owner of The OM Shoppe, over the sound of entrancing crystal singing bowls, guests are led on a deepened inner journey of transformation, all while the sound vibrations from the chair target all the cells of the body in a soothing massage. What’s not to love?  

Guests regularly walk out feeling like they just emerged from a different space and time, whether they’ve had a crystal stone & deep tissue massages or an exclusive sound treatment (by a professional sound therapist), an experience that is simply not found anywhere else in Sarasota. All spa treatments include some manner of sound therapy from their incredible collection of practitioner clear & crystal alchemy bowls in each treatment room, along with color therapy from Himalayan salt lamp blocks, other mesmerizing tones, as well as amethyst biomats  for a consistently divine experience.

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Their array of crystals, crystal grids, EMF protection, Himalayan salt lamps, crystal lamps, aromatherapy, meditation tools, books, music, & world instruments all from organic, natural, fair-trade sources will definitely bring you a selection of meditation & energy inspiration you won’t find elsewhere in Sarasota. Their knowledgeable staff offer their compassionate, open-minded support for whatever your mind, body, & spirit is seeking.

The shop also champions wellness education with evidence-based educational programs, courses, & events on meditation and sound therapy, bringing in thought leaders from around the nation.

Whether you’re looking to bring a spark of beautiful energy to your home, relax and reset your body & mind in a deeper way, or use unique vibrational medicine tools in your wellness practice, The OM Shoppe & Spa in Sarasota, FL, has something very special in store for you. You can visit their store front at  4801 S. Tamiami Trail in Sarasota, FL, call 941.706.3257 or shop & schedule online.

Photos from the OM Shoppe & Spa

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