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Sarasota Animal

My Pup is In Love with the Team at Sarasota Animal Medical Center

| Sande Caplin |

I got a new puppy about 10 months ago.  I knew there would be lots to do at the beginning- a bed, toys, food, collar, leash and so much more.  The most important thing to do was to bring him to a Vet.  Several of my friends recommended the Sarasota Animal Medical Center.

I remember it was a Tuesday morning when I called and was greeted on the phone by a staff member who was just so pleasant and made me feel so comfortable.  We set up an appointment for the following week.  What a fabulous experience when we arrived.

We were immediately greeted at the reception desk and a few minutes later Mookie met one of the techs in an examination room.  We went over the basics as to what needed to be done.  Dr. Laurie Greene came in and Mookie immediately fell in love with her as she is so kind and gentle.  Mookie was weighed, receive his first shots and we discussed future appointments and what needed to be done. 

Sarasota Animal

Ten months later and Mookie just can’t wait to go to the vet.  As soon as I pull into Sarasota Animal Medical Center he can’t wait to go in and literally runs to the front door.  He can’t get enough love while he is there.  The team caters to him as they do to all of the animals that are treated there.  I was out of town several months ago and he developed an intestinal issue.  I called and told them my dilemma. They recommended to do certain things pertaining to his food and I was told if that didn’t help in a few days to go to a local vet in North Carolina.  He turned out to be fine.

My pup is my true love.  Knowing that he is getting the best care possible at Sarasota Animal Medical Center certainly puts my mind at ease.  The entire team goes out of their way to help.  Full disclosure, Mookie is secretly in love with Tiffany (pictured here) and Erica, nurses at the hospital, and Christi a client care rep.  (Don’t tell the other staff members!!)

From the website- Dr. Anne Luther, Practice Owner, Hospital Director: Dr. Anne Luther was only five years old when she first started riding horses. A few years later, she adopted her first dog. Her passion for the health and well-being of animals hasn’t wavered since those earliest days spent with her beloved companions—Dr. Luther always knew that a career spent bettering the lives of pets would suit her perfectly! Now, she owns and operates her very own state-of-the-art veterinary hospital: Sarasota Animal Medical Center.

Sarasota Animal Medical Center
4822 Fruitville Road
Sarasota, FL 34232
941 954-4771


Photos by The Suncoast Post

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