Motorworks Brewing now making hand sanitizer

Motorworks Brewing is Making and Selling Hand Sanitizer in Bradenton, FL

We heard that Motorworks Brewing had hand sanitizer available so decided to go over and check it out.

A collaboration effort

According to Barry Elwonger, Marketing Director for Motorworks Brewing, Dark Door Spirits and Motorworks collaborated last year to make an American whiskey. “Eye of Midnight” was made by distilling a Motorworks brew called Midnight Espresso Coffee Porter.

So, this year they were working on a new collaboration. They were making a Gin and an American whiskey made from Motorworks “Pulp Friction” grapefruit IPA. When the community was quarantined and more hand sanitizer was needed, they decided to use some of the high proof alcohol made from their collaboration to create hand sanitizer.

Making hand sanitizer

Brandon Marshall and Barry Elwonger filling sanitizer bottles.
Brandon Marshall and Barry Elwonger filling sanitizer bottles.

When it first came out, Motorworks Brewing gave hand sanitizer away to first responders, nursing homes, and the general public. Since then they have decided to charge to offset the cost. The price is very affordable, and you can also purchase some of their other concoctions while there. They’ve got an amazing array of IPA’s, Lagers, Ales, with seasonal & specialty offerings, in cans, bottles, growlers.

Ben Rudnick behind the cash register
Ben Rudnick behind the cash register

Ben Rudnick was behind the cash register and said he’d be happy to talk to us about it. He’s a bartender there and has helped with production, too. They are open from noon until 5:30pm every day. The sanitizer is in liquid form and the best way to use it is to put it in a spray bottle and spritz it onto your hands. You can buy it in a 2oz bottle (limit 5 per person) for $2.29, a 4oz spray bottle (1 per person) for $6.99. It also comes in a gallon jug for $65. There are masks available, too, for $3.25.

We noticed the place looked like there was work being done and asked Ben about it. He said the owners, Denise and Frank Tschida, are paying their employees who want to do it to come in and help with renovation. Walls are being painted and, outside in the garden, they are extending the deck. This is going to be quite a showcase when we all get to come back and play!

Motorworks Brewing
1014 9th St. W. Bradenton, FL 34205
(941) 567-6218
Open noon-5:30pm daily

Photos from The Suncoast Post and Motorworks Brewing.

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