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Have you suffered from age-related boy concerns such as Parkinson’s, osteoarthritis, hypertension, diabetes, pacemaker, paralysis, joint replacements, stroke, blindness, postmenopausal symptoms, vertigo, and tendonitis? Maybe you have found it difficult to get back into a good fitness routine following quarantining during the pandemic. If you are over the age of 50 and believe that amazing body health is not possible. You need to give trainer Noel Fayette a look today and realize what is possible.

Mind, Body, and Nutrition 

True fitness is never about only making sure to exercise enough or eat the right food. True fitness is a multi-pronged approach encompassing Mind, Body, and Nutrition. Addressing these three topics is key to achieving overall success. I will give you creative ideas on ways to discipline the mind, build confidence, and do positive self-talk. The nutrition we will focus on is “The Food Project Brake-down” Real facts! Building the Body is the fun part. Improved ability, stronger muscle and bones, and a leaner you.

One client wrote of Noel: I have been working with Noel for many years. She has helped me transform my life through training and nutrition. I am in my late 50s, and since training, with Noel, everyone mistakes me for younger. I have more energy to do the things I love because of Noel’s knowledge and dedication to improving the quality of my life! Thank you, Noel, for being the best!

No One Size Fits All


Maybe you had tried a workout class, gym, or even a private trainer before and were discouraged with the results. Noel has heard all the stories and is ready to help take those failures and sculpt a successful program to transform your health. Whether you require experienced guidance in selecting the proper fitness regime to meet goals or a meal planning and food prep advocate – Noel can help. Need someone to come to your home or meet at one of the local gyms – give Noel a call.

Together you work on a plan of action using one small step at a time that will equal extraordinary success. The determination Noel has practiced personally for years makes a substantial impact on encouraging every one of her clients. Clients realize Noel works 110% for herself and them. In turn, the challenge is on; motivation is contagious. Don’t worry about finding excuses not to call, and think of the potential she can help you find if you reach out to Noel today.

Combating age-related issues is a challenge as we coexist in a stressful environment and live a sedimentary lifestyle that our culture has embraced. Factor in the life of convenience, overindulgence, and everyday comforts has driven us to be overweight, depressed, overworked, and physically challenged as we age. Common excuses: no time, exercises are too daunting, fear of injury, fast food is easy and convenient, and “I like” is overused as a repeated silent phrase. Let’s change all of that today and partner with Noel to see exactly what you can accomplish for a healthier lifestyle tomorrow!

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