Community Radio

Make Summer Cooler With Community Radio on the Florida Suncoast

Community Radio

It is just another day, and you are driving along taking in the sights and navigating the dangers Tamami Trail can pose.  Then, it hits you.  (Figurative “hit” here, nothing to be worried about.)  You realize your mundane drive has been energized by some mind tickling conversation happening in the background.   It can’t be your teenagers, they stopped talking to you years ago.  As you listen, it sounds like the chatter of what could be Aunt Bea and Opie, discussing the upcoming town square picnic.  It takes you back to your childhood, sitting quietly at the adults table listening in on their conversations.   It’s coming out of the speakers, you come to realize.   It is nostalgia, whose time is reminiscent of one’s easier days, somewhere between childhood and paying bills.  The music starts and you pivot from a rockabilly song with a great beat to a 70s country tune you forgot you knew. You find yourself muttering, “That was CCR?”   It’s head-spinning and a good thing you have your seatbelt on.  This is community radio, WKDW to be exact and it’s all I’m tuned into these days.

Keeping it Local

From Osprey to Punta Gorda, you can access WKDW “Real Community Radio” at 97.5 on you FM dial.  The radio station is located on the outskirts of North Port near Warm Mineral Springs, and you can also listen to their programming online.  Their lineup consists of an eclectic mix of shows and hosts packed with information and music.  If you are a music buff of any sort you will hear all the genres on WKDW, and you will appreciate hearing music you have not heard in years or even ever.  Remember what a great conquest if felt like when you discovered side B of the new record you just bought is better than side A?  (Ask your parents, or maybe grandparents about this) Well, tuning into the music that comes out of this North Port station feels like a barrage of really excellent Side Bs.  Though the tunes are obscure, they are so good that I find myself listening every chance I get. 

The Lineup

The hosts and musical programming on WKDW really speak to all adult ages, there is something for everyone.  From Stormy Mondays Jazz to Facets:  Exploring a Wide Range of Music to Artistic Mashup, the playlist is what you might hear at a really good party.  And what might be the best part is the DJs are playing whatever is on their minds and hearts at the moment.  You are never stuck hearing the same song played twice and never anything overly commercialized.  I love that whatever vibe the tune tamer is feeling at that moment relays into the listener always getting something unexpected.  It’s very personal and different than anything else out there for that reason.  Don’t get me wrong I also absolutely love my Sirius XM Subscription, especially that I can get the Casey Kasem Top 40 Countdown pretty much whenever I want.  (Retribution for having to wait for Saturday mornings to record the countdown on my cassette player.)  But being at the listening end of a DJ who has free reins is a magical musical journey. 

Community Radio

The Facts of Community Radio

From WKDW website: 

We digital stream broadcast 24/7 through KDW Radio on broadband and we terrestrial broadcast on 97.5 FM for the North Port area community. All of our programming is created in our community and by our community. That’s what makes us unique and different from both commercial radio and public radio. It’s simply people making radio for the people. Community radio is about building and supporting the well-being and positive growth of our area. It’s about communicating ideas, concerns, differences of opinion, health and financial issues, and the art and music of the community. is non-competitive. We work in conjunction with our area broadcast stations, newspapers and magazines to foster communication and cooperation. KDWRadio does not have a bias for any political persuasion or religious philosophy. Our programming and our management is committed to free speech, presented in a respectful manner, no matter where that speech originates.

All responsible voices are welcome to participate in creating and presenting programming. We want you to listen to the voice of our community, but we also hope you will do more than listen. KDWRadio needs people who would like to create shows, sponsors to support those shows, and volunteers who would like to participate in the production of those programs and the operation of the station.

The Fun of Community Radio

Tune in, North Port, you won’t be disappointed.  Besides the amazing music, it is a community information hub for events, new businesses, small-business spotlight and if the host feels like it, she may even discuss what she had for dinner last night and diss on the latest gossip with local insiders who are in-the-know. I’m not sure why, but it’s all incredibly interesting and endearing.  I find myself leaning in to hear the rest of the story, just like Paul Harvey taught us.  It just adds to the charming nature of WKDW, Real Community Radio.  It’s so fun, give it a listen on your way home today. 

For more information, please visit WKDW 97.5 FM | Facebook

Photos courtesy of WKDW Facebook page.

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