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Lucky to Have Detwiler’s on the Suncoast

Lucky to Have Detwiler’s on the Suncoast

| Laura Bell Adams |

Where we purchase our groceries from is one of the most important decisions we can make, and one that we are fraught with at least weekly. Obviously, sourcing the freshest foods with minimal processing is akin to leading a healthy life.

Beyond that the enormity of the costs that exists with “eating the rainbow” can be overwhelming for many. Unfortunately, socioeconomics is the downfall of a large part of the population’s ability to eat well, when empty foods like boxed macaroni and processed cheese cost pennies in comparison to nutrient-rich fish and vegetables.



Locally, we have seen several grocery stores leave our market including Lucky’s, Earth Fare, and many Winn Dixie locations. Quickly filling the void is Aldi, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and the local fan favorite, Detwiler’s Farm Market. With new locations popping up all over the Suncoast, all one must do is look for the traffic congestion that accompanies most any visit to Detwiler’s. But, in all truth, this just adds to the experience of your mostly one-stop-shopping trip to Detwiler’s. Grab your coffee and shopping bags, add in a little patience for your fellow shoppers and discover what everyone is saying about Sarasota’s best produce and deli destination.

Detwiler’s Farm Market is a family-owned and operated business, with its flagship location at Palmer Boulevard epitomizing the “farmer’s market” experience right in the heart of the city. Beginning with roadside produce stands and growing to a current five locations, and their fanbase clamoring for more, Detwiler’s has become the go-to Saturday morning grocery stop for many.

Detwiler's Farm Market source their meats at locally as possible.So, what sets this mom-and-pop establishment apart from local competitors? For starters, they source their produce, meats, seafoods, etcetera as locally as possible, and from growers and producers that they have thoroughly vetted. With their “100-mile radius” standard, most of what they sell comes from area farms. Chances are substantial that if you are buying your organic lettuce to go along with your ribeye steak from Detwiler’s, and an apple pie to top it all off, all are produced in Florida. But, the Detwiler group is not afraid to scour the globe for the highest quality meats, cheeses, fish and seafood. Whatever it takes to provide their customers with the freshest, and organic when possible, foods is a mantra that Detwiler’s fully embodies.

Fresh fruit at affordable prices at Detwiler's Farm MarketThe other component that keeps Detwiler’s a relevant selection for families in search of nutritious foods is the affordable prices. At Detwiler’s, they are constantly buying off daily market rates for the goods that they sell, in contrast to how a typical grocery store operates. So, if you are visiting frequently, you will see the prices varying on many of their products. This is ensuring that as a consumer you are paying the most affordable prices on the products you desire on any given day. To some, this has been confused with inconsistent pricing. But, once you understand their philosophy, the reasons to shop at Detwiler’s begin to add up.

For the freshest seafoods, meats, deli items, baked goods and most certainly, produce, visit one of our area Detwiler’s. With locations in Venice, Palmetto and of course, Sarasota, more Suncoast shoppers are being introduced to true farm-to-table living every day. With social media demands for more locations, and a host of empty Lucky’s locations, perhaps Detwiler’s will make it possible for even more people to eat healthy without breaking the bank. For more information on Detwiler’s Farm Markets, please visit their website here.

Photos courtesy of Detwiler’s Farm Markets Facebook page.

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