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Coffee Shop

The Comfort of a Good Coffee Shop

| Jodi Schwarzenbach |

A cute little coffee shop named Los Dos Cristianos in North Port reminds us that supporting small businesses likely means you are receiving a quality product and possibly spreading some good in the world.  Of course, you could get your daily cup of joe from Starbucks or grab your Dunkin on the way into work.  And for many, the most visited coffee bar is one that designed inside the home.  But sometimes you find a little place that creates scrumptious drinks and yummy treats, and you realize small and local is truly special.

I am admittedly a late arriver to the popularity of Los Dos Cristianos Coffee.  Mostly it is because I work much farther north, so never really coming into range of this tremendous place.  The other part is I like a late afternoon coffee, and my pre-quarantine schedule didn’t jive with their hours.  But now that I have found this special little bean of a place, I’ve introduced my kids and husband to it, and we collectively got hooked.  From the freshly made strawberry lemonade with large chunks of strawberries providing a sweet balance to the zingy lemons to a cafe con Leche, a favorite we used to enjoy frequently, this little coffee shop packs a lot of punch.

Los Dos Cristianos Mission

Los Dos Cristianos imports green coffee beans from Latin American countries, focusing on Honduras.  Their mission is “to sell the fantastic Honduran Coffee and donate proceeds back to the children and families of Honduras/Latin America that live in such impoverished environments.” The success of their business allows them to donate to a variety of charities around the world generously and here in North Port for the past five years.  Focusing on giving back to organizations working on feeding and vaccinating children worldwide, they ensure the products they source to align with their mission by supporting Fair Trade and sustainable methods of farming.  Their in-house roasting services are available for individual consumers as well as hospitals, restaurants, et cetera.  But the main draw for locals is the sweetness of this little shop and that good cup of coffee.

A Place to Visit with “Friends”

Los Dos Cristianos Coffee

Remember the coffee shop from Friends?  Los Dos Cristianos is a micro present-day example of that, complete with socially distanced comfy chairs for long sits with a deep cup and tables with little signs supporting local charities.  Magazines and kids’ games invite visitors to enjoy a relaxing moment in an inviting atmosphere.  A cute supply of t-shirts and customized mugs sits among large bags of fragrant beans.  The smell is heavenly, and their chalkboard menu leaves you excited to get the finished product, whether you are there for your morning pick-me-up or need a refreshing afternoon kick. 

If you have a “favorite” coffee, I am quite sure it you will find it listed on their extensive drinks menu or they can surely make it especially for you.  Though the coffee remains the star of the show, they also feature delicious pastries and such from local favorite’s like Abbe’s Donuts and other local bakers.  They are prominently displayed at eye-level in a mini display case, so you are likely to never leave without one.

Review of this Coffee Shop

Los Dos Cristianos Coffee

Here’s what I will tell you about the obsessive visiting I have done lately to Los Dos Cristianos:  It is always good.  My husband could not believe we had found another cafe con Leche like we had grown to love “back in the day,” but here it stood, tremendous with flavor, smooth, and just delicious.  When he took that sip and looked at me, I simply said, “See?” My staple is a dark coffee with a hint of dark chocolate flavoring, no coffee or cream required when the coffee is this good.  And, of course, we have tried all their lemonades with the fresh fruit smooshed in for tastier measure.  Whether blackberry, blueberry, or strawberry, they are all a perfect complement for a hot Florida afternoon.

Their Cuban Panini sandwich made for a great impromptu lunch date (albeit in a parking lot), but neither of us cared. We ate up every crumb of the soft but crunchy pressed bread, savory pork-filled creation with the right hint of a salty pickle.  I’m not sure who supplies their cinnamon rolls, but it took a fork and knife to eat this warm, soft cinnamon filled wonder, complete with a buttery cream cheese spread that required licking of the cup, because we just couldn’t waste a morsel.    

I could give you a few more examples of the wonderful items coming out of Los Dos Cristianos, but it is nearing 3PM and I have learned to get there early for my afternoon coffee.  Los Dos Cristianos is open Monday through Friday 7AM to 3PM and Saturday 8AM to 1PM, closed on Sunday.  They are located at 1120 Plantation Blvd, North Port, near I-75 and Toledo Blade.  For more information, please visit their website.

Photos courtesy of Los Dos Cristianos Facebook page. 

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