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Lori Blondell DPT Website Launch – Personalized Physical Therapy for Your Best Life Here on the Suncoast

Do you have orthopedic, gait, balance, or pelvic floor conditions that you are seeking relief from? There is a new website launched recently that you need to look at HERE. Lori Blondell is a Doctor of Physical Therapy practicing here on the Suncoast, providing personalized solutions for various physical and age-related ailments to help everyone live their best lives possible.

Why choose Lori?

Lori Blondell started her career focused on Neurological Rehabilitation and quickly veered into specialized sports medicine. This allowed her to gain vast experience treating post-surgical, surgical, and activity-related injuries. She also gained invaluable skills while incorporating various methods to help rehabilitate newly replaced joints and allow patients a renewed lease on life.

While maintaining all these gained skill sets, she began focused education and experiential learning in Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. Staring with runners, hip and pelvic pain patients not responding to traditional physical therapy eventually moved into the bowel, bladder, and GI functional concerns. Lori continues to strive to remain current on training, new methods, and experience to work with men, women, and even pediatrics. She enjoys taking on some of the most challenging cases and developing a specialized treatment plan to get everyone back to an active, fulfilling life.

This laser focus on not only certification and electronic methods but movement-based therapies is why Lori should be your choice of a physical therapist. Lori’s goal is to utilize physical therapy to help others transform their experience of pain and functional limitation into a fulfilling and enjoyable life. She can meet in your home, on your schedule to ensure you get the most from every session.

Initial Evaluation – First Appointment Expectations

When you attend your initial evaluation with Lori, you must bring your driver’s license, insurance card, and prescriptions if you have those items. It should be noted that private pay, as well as Medicare, are the current forms of payment that Lori accepts for her services at this time. Your initial evaluation will focus on your concerns, limitations, and how they affect your daily life. Lori will do a full review of your past medical history, including the medications you are on, prior surgeries, and current symptoms. Together Lori and yourself will discuss goals and create a customized treatment plan.

Lori will help you achieve your goals through education, strengthening, stretching, advanced technology, and movement. At the end of every treatment, she will ask you how you feel about what was done for the day, what you have learned, and what you will be working on until you are seen again. Your input into your treatment is of the utmost importance to Lori at every juncture to get you back to the goals set at that initial appointment.

If you are searching for a compassionate, dedicated physical therapist – check out Lori Blondell’s website. You can see testimonials and videos made by Lori and even submit a contact form to have her reach out to you. If you are limited in movement, age-related or pelvic floor dysfunctions, it is worth the time to reach out and give Lori a shot. She will help determine what is possible for your outcomes and personalize a treatment plan to get you back on the path to your active, best life here on the Suncoast.

To schedule an initial evaluation call 941 271-7575.

Photo Courtesy of Lori Blondell

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