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Cathy Naff Siegers, James Danny Newton, Shelby Hartshorn, Sande Caplin

Looking For A Great Cigar? Look No Further Than DAS

| Sande Caplin |

Cigar aficionados- We have some great news!  You can now order great hand-rolled cigars online right from your phone or computer.

Cat (Cathy) Naff Siegers called northern Michigan home while working in the banking industry for over 30 years. Hometown to her was Harbor Springs, Michigan with her first husband, Jim Naff. After Jim died in 2002, Cat traveled to the Caribbean where she met her second husband, a cigar manufacturer born and living on the island of St. Maarten. That is where Cat learned the fine art of cigar making. Because of the high demand for her husband’s brand, DAS cigars, a new factory was opened in Tamboril, Dominican Republic, in 2014, where the majority of the cigars are now made. Making St. Maarten her winter home, Cat returned to Harbor Springs for summer through fall and opened her first retail store, in 2005, selling her husband’s hand-rolled cigars.

Cat’s staff maintains her store in northern Michigan and she lives in Sarasota!  Sande Caplin and Associates is pleased to announce that they have built a new state of the art website, where you can order her cigars on-line and also her hand-made jewelry.

Check out the new website and order some great cigars and jewelry today.

Cathy Naff Siegers

photos by Sande Caplin and Associates

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