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Lolablue- Making It Natural In North Port, Florida

Lolablue- Making It Natural In North Port, Florida

| Sande Caplin |

With the Hollywood awards season in full swing and interested parties buzzing on who might win, it is time to turn our attention to Academy Awards.  Oh, what will those shiny stars wear?  Who will win best actress?  And, what words of wisdom will they impart on us as they accept their statues? 

And just what will be in every attendee’s swag bag?  A separate category could be added to pay favor to the swag bags, a parting gift full of brands the average consumer might only dream of.  Companies and designers vie for real estate in those bags, hoping their product might be featured on social media, predominantly being used by an Oscar winner.  One local merchant knows firsthand just what it takes to get their products into the hands of today’s mega stars.

Natural soaps, deodorants, candles, lip balms and even bug spray have become every day staples

Lolablue is a family-owned business in North Port that sells eco-friendly beauty and aromatherapy products including body scrubs, soaps, lotions, soy wax candles and so much more.  One visit to their showroom/warehouse nestled behind Imagine School and you immediately get why their products have ended up in MTV swag bags, Oscar party swag bags, and most recently featured in the November 2016 issue of Sarasota Magazine.  Earthy scents which remind you of a favorite walk in the woods.  It’s hard to describe the scent that would accompany soft rain pattering on birch trees and wildflowers but Lolablue has nailed it.  Remember that time around the holidays when freshly fallen snow and a catch-your-breath nip in the air met the billowing smoke of a warm fire?  You can find that at Lolablue too.  And how about that perfect summer day when a romp at the beach was as simple as packing your pineapple drink, applying your cocoanut suntan oil, and cranking up the tunes?  That one can be found there too.  That has been the secret of Lolablue, that with natural, eco-friendly products they are bringing experiences to users who can enjoy their scents in the shower, around the home, and on their skin.  The bonus is knowing healthful products and procedures were used in their making and even an occasional beer is included in the ingredients list.

Owner, Jamie Lovern has captured the hearts, noses, and skin of an online and local legion of followers.  Her “free” policy, including paraben-free, paraffin-free, sulfate-free, phthalate-free, and gluten-free products are appealing to a growing audience.  Natural soaps, deodorants, candles, lip balms and even bug spray have become every day staples, replacing mass-produced products with harmful chemicals found in many commercial products.  Lolablue touts that their products are lovingly made in small batches, using locally-sourced organic and natural ingredients.  Her passion for mother-earth infused scentsations is equaled by her product-making, marketing, and business knowledge.  Jamie has become a familiar face in the North Port scene with her role as a board member with the North Port Chamber of Commerce.  She also sits on the “Diva” committee for the Annual Masquerade Ball benefitting the North Port Boys & Girls Club.

Indulge Yourself, Respect Mother Earth

If you are a normal consumer of oils, scents, aromatherapy items and have a nose for the natural, Lolablue products should become your next inspiration.  Clean smelling, clean products, clean components make for a truly wholesome experience.  Lolablue is representing Mother Earth, MTV, and The Oscars with a wide array of love-inspired products.  For more information on Lolablue products and store hours, please visit their website at

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