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Local Suncoast Business, “Ice Pro”, Has An Ice Sculpture For Every Occasion!

Local Suncoast Business, “Ice Pro”, Has An Ice Sculpture For Every Occasion!

| Laura Bell Adams |

Having a party? How about a wedding? A big social event? There is a great Suncoast business that can bring your event to a whole new level! The team at Ice Pro has just what you are looking for.

From the Ice Pro Website:

When you’re looking to create a memorable event, ice sculptures can really turn heads. Whether you’re looking for the perfect ice sculpture for your wedding, or your company logo at a corporate event, we’ve got you covered. Browse our selection of previous projects and see exactly how we live up to our reputation.

Our staff of qualified ice carvers will not only produce an exquisite piece, we also ensure that it will be on time. We understand when event planning, proper scheduling and time commitment is the utmost importance, and that’s why at Ice Pro, we’ll always be there when expected.



Ice Pro has a fully qualified staff of ice carvers that will make you a masterpiece! They certainly understand how important on-time delivery is and they will make sure your project is extraordinary. Check out some of the clients that Ice Pro has at their website here.

Ice Pro can make your wedding special.Big News! Every Saturday evening at IceBar Orlando, on International Drive in Orlando, one of the master carvers from Ice Pro Ice Sculptures will be creating an ice sculpture from a single 300-pound block of crystal clear ice! Watch as they create an animal ice sculpture like an eagle, a seahorse or dog – They also create some really “cool” abstract ice sculptures! If you stay from start to finish, you can see the entire process of creating an ice masterpiece.

The snow starts flying at approximately 7:00, just outside the front door of IceBar Orlando – weather permitting, of course, since we are in Florida! Mother nature likes to flex her muscles and wash out the event. And since their power tools are electric, their carvers would prefer not being electrocuted while they are carving the sculpture!! Plus, the ice doesn’t like the rain either!

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Photos from Ice Pro Website

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