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Dairy Farm

Local Myakka City Dairy Farm For Sale

| Suncoast Post Staff |

Jerry Dakin, a prominent figure in Myakka City, has decided to put his beloved Dakin Dairy Farms up for sale at the age of fifty-five. His motivation is clear: he wishes to impart his extensive farming knowledge to the next generation of agricultural enthusiasts and find a buyer who shares his commitment to preserving the land for farming.

In his own words, Jerry states, “It’s an opportunity to have the next generation come in and take it and move it forward even further than I ever could. I’ll do everything in my power to keep it in agriculture. I’m passionate about it, and I love agriculture.”

Jerry’s contemplation of his future was prompted by the untimely passing of his brothers Farren Dakin two years ago and Rodney Dakin a year ago. His primary goal now is to ensure that his farm endures for decades to come, even after he’s no longer around. He emphasizes, “What can I do so that the community will have farming in the county?”

Jerry Dakin, who was once honored as the Florida Farm Bureau Farmer of the Year, envisions tremendous potential for growth on his property, particularly through the adoption of new technologies, ecological practices, and advanced nutrition methods. He acknowledges the younger generation’s proficiency in technologies like artificial intelligence, contrasting his “old-fashioned” approach of hand-feeding calves with the innovative methods employed by modern farmers.

Dairy Farm

Dakin Dairy Farms, which Jerry established 22 years ago with just a few hundred cows, has grown into a thriving operation that now encompasses 3,100 dairy cattle and a sprawling 350-acre processing plant. The property boasts six free-stall barns, a milking parlor, production areas, commodity and silage storage, and a state-of-the-art milk processing plant capable of handling all on-site milk production. It is to be sold as a fully operational dairy farm.

Dakin Dairy Farms has been an integral part of Manatee County, promoting community engagement, agriculture, and agro-tourism. Despite facing challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic and the devastating Hurricane Ian in September 2022, which resulted in the loss of over two hundred cows and significant damage to barns and tour facilities, the farm has rebounded and continues to stand strong.

Jerry Dakin expresses his gratitude to the community for their support during these trying times, saying, “It was a moment that showed me how much the community loves us and how much Myakka and Manatee County does for us. We’re stronger than ever. It’s all about how do we grow from here.”

While Jerry is in no hurry to sell the property, Dakin Dairy Farms will remain in operation in the interim. He plans to stay in Myakka City, continuing his community outreach efforts and supporting agriculture even after the farm changes hands, firmly stating, “Retirement is not in my wheelhouse.”

Story compiled from various news sources.

Photos from Dakin Farms website

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