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Sarasota Scarf Designer

Local Designer Launches Luxury Scarf Brand

| Sande Caplin |

Mary DeArment’s designs make a statement. Each design is created from a word or short phrase. Distinctive and recognizable, these scarves start conversations as admirers comment, “That’s a Mary DeArment! What does it say?” That is your cue, wearer of Sarasota, to brag about your beautiful winter getaway. In addition to the luxury resort place names which comprise the Destination Collection, the designer also works with many inspirational words like Hope, arts words like Literature, relationship words like Mother Daughter and delicious words like Chocolate–all part of the Character Collection.

Mary DeArment, a resident of Sarasota for twenty years, impacts her community though both philanthropy and commissioned projects. She participates in her community through work with select not-for-profits. Mary designs and donates a meaningful scarf which incorporate the organization’s mission and colors. Her Hope design for Child Protection Center, in blue to promote child abuse awareness, will be available at their April fundraiser. A different Hope design was recently auctioned at a Neurochallenge function. The spectacular Circus scarf was auctioned at the Circus Arts Conservatory January gala. Custom scarves are a natural fit as Mary DeArment’s designs are built from a word or phrase. She has made custom artwork of first names, couple’s names, surnames, business names and mission statements.

A scarf by Mary DeArment makes a profound and precious gift because of the emotional connection and, in some cases, shared history of the word. Furthermore, the scarves are engaging because of the embedded visual riddle. Responding to an oft repeated comment—“give me a hint”—Mary DeArment packages each scarf with a gift ornament which shows the base design on one side and the visual translation on the other.

Mary DeArment ScarvesMary DeArment’s scarves feel and look luxurious. Screen printing on high quality 100% silk (twill or chiffon) yields lush colors. Mary’s collection includes bold, soft, dark, neutral and traditional palettes. The quality of the silk, screening process, hand finished hems, 36” square European style, and elegant design place these scarves squarely in the top drawer: prices are competetive with other brands using the same processes. Scarves by Mary DeArmentTM are now available online and will soon be available in select boutiques and luxury resorts.

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