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Local Bradenton, FL Screen Printing Company Offering “Social Distancing” Decals

It has become the new norm. When you walk into a grocery store, department store, restaurant and more you see social distancing decals on the floor pointing you in the right direction or suggesting to stay 6 feet apart from the next person.

These are unprecedented times and now that we are slowly opening up the country and the economy we need to get used to a new set of rules.

Trophy and Sports World has social distancing decals and more!

Trophy and Sports World in Bradenton, Florida has been providing custom t-shirts, sweats, jackets, and caps for many years that also includes vinyl lettering, custom embroidery and more.

The company now has a new product to offer. They are printing custom “social distancing” floor decals. They adhere to most any surface. Yours can have whatever text or graphic that you desire (i.e. pointing arrow). Any and all colors and sizes are available. You can design any type of decal that you want and the folks at Trophy and Sports will print it for you. Call 941/ 748-2511 for a quote.

From the Trophy and Sports Website

Trophy & Sports World provides onsite custom screen print t-shirts, sweats, jackets, and caps customized just for you – vinyl lettering, silk-screen, and custom embroidery. When it’s time to get geared up and looking sharp for your favorite sport or event, let Trophy and Sports World help

Trophy and Sports World
3200 1st. Street
Bradenton, Florida 34208
941 748-2511

Photo from Trophy and Sports World.

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