Linens By The Sea

Linens By The Sea

Linens by the Sea…is not just a business,  but a lifelong passion.  When you experience Linens by the Sea and meet their staff, your worries will melt away.  You will know and feel that Linens by the Sea and their staff will be forming a bond with you, fulfilling that dream you have of hosting the most beautiful affair with the closest creative relationship you will ever have with a supplier of party linens..  Put yourself in their capable hands and surrender your worries; just know that the passion they have for your party will be as strong and as complete as if it were for their own family.

Your wedding, anniversary party, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, or any exciting affair you have been planning in your mind and researching, will be fulfilled to your best expectations, utilizing the variety, high quality, and excellent customer service offered by their staff.  Linens by the Sea counts on pleasing you to the utmost, leaving no detail unturned, and feel that it’s their destiny to have your trust to leave nothing left for the last minute.  

Linen rentals for your parties should never be understocked, and they therefore carry a supply of 10,000 linens that are of the finest quality, and best creative variety, offering  you cutting edge products with the experience and knowledge of the latest trends, to the most formal and time-proven classic styles.  Linens by the Sea can accommodate events up to 5,000 guests and you will be confident in their excellent service and the promise they stand by, that nothing will go wrong.  This event will live in your guest’s memories, as well as your own, as a consummate event that was superlative in every way.

Don’t limit your thinking and planning to weddings or anniversaries when Linens by the Sea has long-standing relationships with event planners, hotels, florists and the finest caterers.  They take your party up to the next level, having sustained a wonderful and collaborative relationship with  the venues above, to insure that there is not one special effect left untended.  These are long term, mutually satisfying and cooperative relationships that they consider to be one of the most important factors in bringing your party to life with every possible amenity.

Linen Rentals Tampa and Sarasota FloridaThey love what they do, and it shows in the testimonials on their beautiful website!  Log onto for a lovely view of the possibilities for your next important party or event.  Their commitment and attention to your every need translates into a love of the beauty and creative design they strive to give each and every one of you.  Do you want to have a one-of-a-kind event with every detail faithfully executed, or just an every day party?  Their clients come to them through their knowledge of the parties they have planned for their friends, and by the reputation they maintain in always putting your needs first and not trying to find shortcuts and less-than-exquisite solutions for your party.

Want to make an unforgettable evening ?   Can you imagine proposing to your bride-to-be in a setting that has so much romance and ambiance that its  like the sweetest dream come true?  Linens by the Sea is ready to serve any number of people from 2 to 5,000!  They are in the business of fulfilling dreams and creating lasting memories.

Researching, creating and actually attending parties gives Linens by the Sea an advantage that translates into an event of perfection, sophistication, and glamor.  Their list of colors, patterns, prints and textures provides you with an unsurpassed 10,000 linen choice inventory.  Never fear!  Linens by the Sea offers a huge inventory of different kinds of linens for every occasion and taste!  Linens by the Sea offers tablecloths, table toppers and overlays, underlays, chair sashes and ties, chair covers, table runners, napkins, spandex and drapes.   They are party -style detectives, always researching the newest trends and have committed themselves to use environmentally-sustainable methods of cleaning these linens, with respect to the world and future generations.

US Tent Rental CompanyU.S. Tent Rental acquired the “Linens by the Sea” as a subsidiary and a wholly owned company that expands the specialty tablecloth and chair cover division.  U.S. Tent Rental has become a specialty tablecloth and chair decoration rental division of Linens by the Sea. Much success has resulted in joining with U.S. Tent Rental, who now serves over 1,000 different customers annually. including local,national, famous and international clients, in the sports, political and events industries.

Everyone can afford to take advantage of specially-priced items at their annual 50% off  Linen Sale in July.  Visit Linens by the Sea to take advantage of discontinued items that are substantially reduced.  Call Linens by the Sea for further details at  877-954-Linens, or visit them at U.S. Tent Rental/Linens by the Sea, 2006 72nd Drive East,Sarasota, FL 34243.

Tent Rental Sarasota Bradenton Tampa FloridaShowroom Hours are:(appointment recommended)  Monday – Friday 8 am through 5 pm.,     Saturday 8 am – noon.  Please walk in during business hours and treat yourself to an eye full of beauty and possibility.

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