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Learning To Dance Is Fun At Wilson’s Dance Club In Bradenton, FL

Learning To Dance Is Fun At Wilson’s Dance Club In Bradenton, FL

| Laura Bell Adams |

I had no idea when I won a free dance lesson what I was getting myself into! I thought it would be one night of fun for my partner and I, and that would be it.

We met our instructor, Sean, and he taught us the basic steps of a few dances and we were pleasantly surprised that we could actually do them! Then we sat down to discuss the possibility of learning more in the future. I was pretty sure my partner had decided that one lesson was just fine, and we would leave it at that.



Surprise! He said we should take more lessons and get more comfortable with dancing with each other. So, we did! As soon as we signed up for more classes we were instructed to “Ring the Bell”, which my partner did loudly! Suddenly everyone in the place came up and welcomed us into the family! Slaps on the back, hugs, and handshakes! It felt like a family reunion.

Dancers have fun at Wilson's Dance Club International in Bradenton, FLLast Friday we went to Fiesta Friday at Wilson’s and took tons of pictures. Click here to see the album! Besides the food and drinks, there were live performances of many types of dances. We got to watch our instructor, Sean, dance with some of his students. The other instructors also danced with their students. Then the women lined up on one side with the men lined up on another. The men danced the women, one at a time, around the floor, thanked them politely, and then danced the next woman in line around the floor! So much fun!

They offer private and group lessons, plus they have several parties each month! Located at 4069 Cortez Rd. W. Bradenton, FL 34209. Or you can call (941) 896-8834. Check out their FB page – Wilson’s Dance Club FB

About Wilson’s Dance Club International:
We are the region’s top training facility and World-Class Ballroom Dance Studio, owned by Wilson Barrera, an undefeated world-champion ballroom dancer. Established in 1996 in Bradenton/Sarasota area to provide a training ground for excellence in all aspects of Dance Sport, where students experience the benefits of physical conditioning, artistic expression and personal transformation through the dance. The dance instructors are Klaudia Kusznierewicz, Bryan Coberg, Phillip Morehouse, Alexandria Camargo, and Sean Mayo

Photos from The Sarasota Post and Wilson’s Dance Club FB

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