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L'Erbolario Products, First in Miami and Sarasota at The Herbarium

L’Erbolario Products, First in Miami and Sarasota at The Herbarium

| Laura Bell Adams |

The more knowledge we gain about how the things we put IN our bodies make a major difference to our health, consumers are (and should be) becoming more aware of how the products we put ON our skin affects us as well!

Ensuring that your beauty and skin-care products are made thoughtfully and ethically is an important priority – not only by financially supporting mindful business practices but by investing in the best for yourself! And that’s just what the folks at The Herbarium (L’Erbolario) are doing. Helping provide the products and create a guide to choosing the right items for you… and these experts came all the way from Italy to right here in Sarasota to share the goodness.



The store boasts the privilege of being the first of its kind to exclusively sell the skin care line of L’Erbolario, a very successful Italian natural skin care in existence since 1985. Co-owners Enrico and Marzia came to the States in summer 2013 to find the perfect location to launch the business. They worked and lived in Milano Italy before settling on Sarasota, and have most recently expanded to Miami! The Sarasota Post got to ask Marzia a few questions about The Herbarium and can tell just by the glorious smells when stepping in to the store… The Herbarium is worth checking out and investing in.

The Herbarium store on Main St. in Sarasota, FLSP: Why choose L’Erbolario?
Marzia: Above all, because creams, lotions and perfumes are the fruit of a successful combination of herbalist wisdom, tried and tested over the centuries, and the scientific scrupulousness inherent in modern cosmetics. With more than 600 different products, there are infinite possibilities of choice and combination.

SP: What makes L’Erbolario different?
M: First, the quality ingredients. There is also extensive research behind the products, the ethical concept of the company and last, but not least, the wonderful fragrances and textures of the products that very often is not easy to find using natural and organic beauty products.

The Herbarium/L'Erbolario online store.SP: Why is it important to invest in natural and environmentally friendly products for your beauty and skin?
M: Our skin reflects what we use. In my opinion, to choose the right product to put on the skin is as important as choosing the right food for the body. The skin absorbs all the ingredients so it is important to use natural and organic products.

L’Erbolario was one of the very first companies to make the decision to produce natural beauty products and it is also very aware in terms of ethical behavior… They use recycled paper, biodegradable ink, all the products are cruelty-free, and they use self-produced energy (solar panels, purified water, low energy). L’Erbolario supports women-centric community in the world to produce some of the raw ingredients like argan oil, coconut oil, tropical flowers and so on. Basically, top to bottom L’Erbolario is using thoughtful business practices that we are happy to support at The Herbarium.

SP: What are some of your most popular items?
M: For sure, skin care for the face like Hyaluronic Acid and Vegetable Collagen. Then perfumes, body lotions and perfume diffusers for home.

SP: What are some of your favorite products you carry and why?
M: I am very fond of one of the “old” perfumes named Meharees, and for my daily routine I never miss Pumpkin face cleanser, Hyaluronic Acid serum for the day, lifting effect cream for the night, Lilac shower gel and Liquidambar body oil. For my hair I use Hyaluronic Acid shampoo and conditioner. I have to say it is very hard to choose among L’Erbolario products! I love all of them.

SP: What made you decide to move from Italy to Sarasota, and then Miami?
M: We moved to Sarasota because we wanted to change our lives. Living in a big city like Milan is not easy. We had the opportunity to start a new business in the USA so we didn’t miss the chance.

L'Erbolario/The Herbarium store in Brickell City Centre in Miami, FLWe opened the first store in Sarasota 5 years ago. One year after that we started the online website and then we decided to expand the brand opening another store in Miami! 2 years ago we opened in the new Brickell City Centre. I hope to go on with this beautiful project and be able to open other stores and share L’Erbolario products with many more people.


Phone 941-953-3273

701 S MIAMI AVE FL 33131


Photos from L’Erbolario USA – Italian Natural Beauty Products FB page.

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