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Kid’s Choice: Sky Zone Sarasota

Kid’s Choice: Sky Zone Sarasota

| Laura Bell Adams |

Choosing a location for your child’s birthday party can be tricky waters to navigate. If you are just starting out you don’t want to establish a precedence you may not be able to match as the birthdays march by. And, word to the wise, the years shorten as your kids age, it’s a real thing. Ask any parent who is about to kiss their baby goodbye and drop them off at college. So, you do your best in selecting a fun, lively, all-in-one destination that will satisfy your sweet child’s birthday dreams. As a seasoned member of the birthday party mom club, I happily say birthday parties with all the kids are mostly a thing of our past. We have had large celebrations with themes at cool venues with matching cupcakes and all the regalia. We’ve joined forces with friends whose birthdays coincide for a bash with a gaggle of guests, and have planned a true “surprise” party, something most of the kids had never heard of.

These days, I’m all about taking a couple of close friends for some fun at Sky Zone, then making the most of it with family and close friends who are there to make the birthday kid feel special. Add in a significant gift from us in lieu of ribbons and useless goodie bags and I think that’s probably the perfect celebratory birthday. And why not make it a birthday weekend if it’s a milestone like “teen hood” or “double digits.”

There are foam pits to fall into at Sky Zone Sarasota.As soon as they discovered the immeasurable fun numerous trampolines can bring, my boys have always loved Sky Zone. Birthday? Let’s go to Sky Zone. Good grades? Hey mom, let’s head to Sky Zone. Nothing else going on? You got it, Sky Zone. Sky Zone can be both a parents best-friend and nemesis in that you can safely tuck your kids in a safely padded (literally ) room whilst you peruse your phone, yet you should also be prepared with earplugs to drown the noise, and a wad of cash to fund the afternoon’s operation. And if you’re there for a birthday party? You will witness a finely-tuned ensemble of teenage employees who keep your kids safe and on time for the next group, not an easy task. At Sky Zone, there is always another party waiting to take a tumble.

sz3With the ability to jump from trampoline to trampoline, fall into foam pits, and have exciting dodgeball games, kids love the varieties of fun under one roof. For $16 an hour, parents can enjoy watching their children exercise. Let’s face it, with the hot Florida sun, exercising in the A/C is preferable to me too. Recently, Sky Zone has capitalized on “Lock In” events where kids ages 10 through 15 can be dropped off in the evening and picked up the next day. It has been a successful venture, providing families security of mind that trained employees and scheduled activities and snacks will keep your tweeners busy and out of trouble. Sky Zone’s birthday packages are a hit with families who like one-stop-shopping. For a party of six jumpers, your guests can enjoy an hour of jumping, followed by 40 minutes at your party table with a one pan one-topping Sicilian pizza, two pitchers of soda, and dedicated Sky Zone host at the rate of $199. Options are available for additional guests, a private party room, and numerous food add-ons.



If you’re a parent, can we all say, “Hail, Sky Zone!” In Sarasota County, you can jump your way to a local Sky Zone at 6180 Edgelake Drive, off Bee Ridge, just east of the I-75 exit. For numerous options and packages offered for your trampolining adventure, please visit their website at

Photos courtesy of Sky Zone Facebook page.

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