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joyland update

Joyland in Bradenton, FL Update

| Scott Serbin |

We found some great update information from the Joyland Facebook page 6/19/2020 and thought we’d share it with you!

Hey JOYLAND friends!

Couple of things here regarding Saturday, June 20th, JLP update, Covid, masks, and a ‘thank you!’

Justin Lee Partin

First off, we can’t wait to see you Saturday, June 20th! The last two weeks have been a blast, and with Justin Lee Partin in town this weekend it only gets better.

Justin told me he just wrote and recorded with, and is releasing a song with a major name in the country music scene, one who has a catalog of songs you all would know. I can’t give name or anymore info but hopefully we all get to hear about it on Saturday. Rumor also has it Justin may tour a few dates with that artist, so come support him now so we continue to get him back in the future.

We’ve seen a lot of talent come through JOYLAND and JLP is the real deal.

Reminder- Doors at 6pm, dance class from 6:30-8:30 and LIVE MUSIC STARTS at 9pm now!


We want to try and keep info flowing publicly about COVID-19 in our area. We all know the virus is around us, we just need to be smart in how we greet people in clubs like ours and how we communicate in a loud environment. Avoid shaking hands, cough or sneeze into your elbow or sleeve, keep some distance and when speaking to each other avoid face to face. Even little things like that can help the spread.

Cleanliness and staff

We as owners, management and staff are here for you always. We all need a night out and a fun positive experience these days!
Even though we have been closed all week, we have upped our level of consciousness and cleanliness this week by sterilizing (not just sanitizing) all common areas (tables, chairs, restrooms, bars, etc.) and are asking all staff to stay home and get tested if they have come in contact with any known person with Covid or feel under the weather.

We are also self-limiting the number of people we allow in the building at one time and remind you all to get here early, spread out when possible, and use the new areas and new tables in the club.

Yep that’s right!…
MORE NEW STUFF THIS WEEK to see, use, and play with this Saturday! I think you’ll like what’s new near the main bar.


It by no means is a requirement by us (or the county yet) but someone made mention last week that they took their mask off because so few people had one on. There’s no shame in wearing a mask! If that’s what makes you comfortable, by all means please do. The more that do, the more it might catch on. And no…sorry…no Joyland masks on order lol.


We love you all, and very much appreciate how much you support us. We love what we do, and we want to give you the safest, most fun environment we can. I’m always in the club, always happy to see you, and always have an ear for you if you have any questions, concerns, ideas, etc. so don’t be shy!

Have a great rest of your Friday, and we’ll see you tomorrow for a JOYLAND SATURDAY NIGHT PARTY!

Editor’s Note: The Suncoast Post has a story about Joyland and Scott Serbin. Check it out!

Photos from Joyland Facebook page.

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