Island Aircraft Sales

Island Aircraft Sales

If You’re in the Market for an Airplane…

Cal Hensley is the man to see! Cal is the proprietor of Island Aircraft Sales in Sarasota. Cal specializes in Mooney Aircraft, because in his decades as a pilot he found that Mooney aircraft are not only the most reliable, but the most efficient in gas mileage. His decades flying, buying and selling Mooney Airplanes makes him the go-to-guy for anyone interested in buying a Mooney. 



You will love what you see when you visit Island Aircraft Sales. In Hangar C6 at the Sarasota Airport you will encounter several pristine planes, so well-maintained and clean that you can see your reflection in their paint. Cal Hensley prides himself on establishing a relationship with his buyers, never leaving you on your own to figure things out. From point of sale to flying away in your plane, Cal and his mechanics are available to guide you and answer any questions you have for as long as you have your aircraft.

Island Aircraft is associated with the Mooney Mod Squad, a group of local Mooney Maintenance Specialists who make sure any plane Cal sells is 100% up to code and air-worthy. So if you’re playing with the idea of flying and buying a plane, do yourself a favor and call Cal Hensley at Island Aircraft Sales. Better yet, go visit Hangar C6 at the Sarasota Airport, 8191 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, Fl., or call him at (941) 504-5296. He will be glad to serve you. There is a lot more information available on the website.

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