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Is Your Website Secure?  The Deadline is One Month Away

Is Your Website Secure?  The Deadline is One Month Away

| Laura Bell Adams |

If you or your company have an active website there is a deadline coming in July that will affect the way viewers see your website.   Now is the time to make the update. Starting in July, any website that does not have an SSL (Secured Socket Layer) installed will be marked as “not secured” with a red triangle.  This is a big red flag and your website traffic will diminish significantly. 

What can you do?  Install the SSL!  Your website developer / hosting company can do this for you.  They will know what to do!  A Digital Certificate must be installed.  This third party is called a Certificate Authority and guarantees the Digital Certificate authenticity with a special Digital Signature.  Your visitors will see that they are viewing a “trusted site”.

Sande Caplin and Associates Web Site Developers on the SuncoastNot sure if your site is secured?  You can check the URL on your website.  It will say “Secure” and there will be “https://” in front of the URL.  Need help?  There are several great companies that can help you.  The team at Sande Caplin and Associates can do this for you.  

Questions?  Need more information?  Call (941) 347-4500.  It’s a free consultation.  Don’t wait!

Photos from Deposit Photos & Sande Caplin and Associates


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