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Is Your Business Looking For New Business?

| Sande Caplin |

For over 25 years Members of the IBE Barter Business Community have been profiting through the power of exchange. Member trade products and services in exchange for a private currency known as a trade dollar. This private currency enables members to offset their cash reserves by utilizing the new additional trade income to offset their existing cash expenses.

This new income also enables Members to drive their bottom line. Increased new business with new customers exponentially grows their business. IBE is a sales tool that stimulates business growth. Barter is smart business and that why Smart Businesses Barter through IBE.

JOIN IBE the Month of June for Free!
For the month of June the IBE Barter Exchange is offering an opportunity for Local Businesses to enjoy Membership in the area’s largest Barter Exchange with no out of pocket expense. Only during June IBE is waiving the $495 Membership Investment.

Enjoy the benefits of expanding your customer base and generating new sales as a Member of the IBE Barter Exchange by calling Ron Unger @ 941-955-6100  Website:

Do not miss the opportunity to increase your bottom line sales during the Summer!

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