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Is Sports Betting Legal in Florida?

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The US Supreme Court struck off the PASPA Act of 1992 in 2018, giving states full mandates to regulate sports betting. New Jersey, which had sponsored the bill, legalized sports betting almost immediately.

Within six months, over six states had sportsbooks accepting sports bets. At the time, many jurisdictions opted to legalize in-person betting but not mobile betting. Others, like Florida and Maryland, shunned the idea of legal sports gambling until recently.

Because the messages regarding then new betting law in Florida were not being carried out properly, many Florida betters are now asking the same question – is sports betting legal in Florida or not? Follow along to get a better understanding of a new law and whether or not you can legally bet on sports in Florida.

Sports Betting is Now Legal in Florida

Lawmakers in Florida voted to legalize sports betting May this year. Gov. Ron DeSantis signed it into law the same month and directed the Seminole Tribe to launch the first sportsbook by November.

A handful self-interest groups filed motions to suspend the new law but many of them failed. In fact, Hard Rock casino provided the first sports bet in Florida on November 1st as planned through an app available throughout the state.

The Tribe Will Run the Show

Florida’s sports betting law is the result of an agreement between the Seminole tribe and the state. The tribe will provide sports gambling in the Sunshine State for the next 30 years, albeit while sharing revenues with Florida.

Although the tribe will have exclusive rights to run the sports betting industry, out of state sportsbooks like FanDuel and DraftKings can also provide their services in FL. The only condition is that they have to share a percentage of their revenues with the tribe.

 A Blow to Offshore Sportsbooks?

Before Florida legalized sports betting, bettors in the Sunshine state had two options. They could travel to Las Vegas, the nearest state with legal sports betting. Or they could wager through offshore sportsbooks.

Betting online is much more convenient than driving to Nevada. As a result, the offshore betting business had boomed in the state for years, long before the Supreme Court made its landmark decision in 2018.

With FL now legalizing sports betting, the future of offshore betting sites hangs on a balance. They can always operate in other states yet to sanction sports wagering. Alternatively, they could compete with the Seminole tribe if they do the following:

  • Provide Quality Bonuses

Sports bettors love bonuses. It’s money they can use to wager on football or baseball without risking their bankroll. The problem: few sportsbooks are willing to give out bonuses with friendly terms and conditions.

If offshore bookmakers lower their bonus wager terms and increase withdrawal limits, they will have a market in Fl. Most people care about their bonus profits and want to cashout large amounts of it without navigating countless conditions.

  • Offer the Best Odds

The Seminole tribe has a rich experience in providing casino games. But it doesn’t match the experience offshore bookmakers have in the betting department. Offshore bookmakers could leverage their experience in creating competitive odds to keep FL punters as their customers.

Otherwise, if they lose the battle for providing competitive odds, the Seminole tribe and other independent sportsbooks that come down to Florida will win the race.

  • Fast Deposits and Withdrawals

Many online betting sites disappoint in banking. Deposits tend to be quick: you can add money to your account instantly. But withdrawals are rarely ever satisfactory. They take days or weeks to process withdrawals all while charging painfully high fees.

Hard Rock’s online sportsbook is relatively new and doing fine. But if it gets too comfortable, offshore bookmakers could easily spell its downfall with better banking. You see, everyone loves fast banking.

They want to deposit and withdraw their money quickly without paying insane fees. High rollers, of course, relish high limits. On the flip side, regular bettors want to deposit and withdraw small amounts stress-free.

Crucially, bookies that want to thrive in Florida need to avail all major payment methods. Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are the preferred options by most card users. PayPal, Google Pay, Skrill and Apple Pay appeal to e-wallet customers. Cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum are increasingly an option at leading sportsbooks.

  • Comprehensive Coverage

If you’re like many bettors in Florida, you love to bet on football, basketball, hockey, baseball and soccer. That means you can’t use a sportsbook without Major League games. Yet, it’s common to find a bookie that lacks these games.

If you follow international sports, you want a bookie that supports European and South American soccer. Or you follow games like tennis, cricket, rugby and track athletics: you’ll choose a bookie with the games.

  • A Mobile Friendly Site

A few years ago, every offshore betting site had an app. Hard Rock also features an app you can install on your device. However, native apps are losing their popularity to mobile betting websites.

That means offshore bookmakers could still beat their counterparts in the US. All they need is an intuitive mobile website that runs smoothly. Of course, it must have vital features like in-play betting and streaming.

  • A Variety of Bet Types

People choose new betting sites for different reasons. For some, an ideal bookmaker must support multiple bet types. There must be money line bets. It also needs to provide totals, spreads, parlays, props and future bets.

A wide range of bet types does more than add variety to your betting experience. It could also help you win more often. That’s because you might be confident about a match winner. But you could be certain the two teams will score over 20 points.

  • Efficient Customer Service

Customer service, along with a good reputation are two underrated reasons that force people to close their betting accounts. A sportsbook might be licensed and genuine. It could offer great odds and bonuses.

But if it provides unreliable customer service, then it’s a risk to use it. You could deposit money and lose with no one to assist you. Now, it’s not always easy to know how reliable a bookie is in customer service.

The best way to learn about a betting site is by reading online reviews from customer reviews. That being said, find out about a bookie’s overall services and not just its customer service.

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