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More than eight years ago, a grassroots organization began with very few people. The Sarasota Downtown Merchants Association (now Downtown Sarasota Enrichment Association [DSEA]) was created to encourage community merchants to take responsibility and action for their businesses within the downtown core.

Since that moment in time, the merchants have contributed time and ideas to create events and downtown promotions. They have had strong representation at city commission meetings and, as a united voice, the DSEA has become a dynamic force in downtown Sarasota.

Our members are involved in all issues that affect our local merchants. We are frequently called upon to represent the merchants when important decisions are made.

What DSEA does for downtown business

We have developed strong marketing campaigns utilizing all media. Using television, radio, newspaper, digital and we maintain an extremely successful Facebook presence.

All of our members work together to make downtown Sarasota an unparalleled place to shop, dine and enjoy the many cultural amenities that our city has to offer.

Ron Soto (Soto's Optical) helps decorate for DSEA event.
Ron Soto (Soto’s Optical Boutique) helps decorate for DSEA event.

Members of the DSEA are represented on the website, one of downtown Sarasota’s leading online resources for information about what’s happening in our City. Another exciting benefit of membership of the DSEA is being a consistent part of social media marketing. Members receive continual marketing opportunities. We promote your in-store sales, events and success stories.

During this very difficult time, face masks and sanitizers were available to all members. And we are looking to the future to be able to continue with the many events we host that bring thousands of visitors to our beautiful downtown core.

We are committed to promoting the development and growth of downtown Sarasota. We hope that you will join us as we work together to promote and maintain a healthy and progressive economic climate in our beautiful city.

Contact Info

Website, Facebook, Email, and Phone 727-542-3000

Photos from DSEA Facebook page.

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