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Today, people have become very adept at stretching their dollars.  With resale shops, upcycling ideas, and online sites where products and services are bought, traded, and bartered, traditional buy-and-sell transactions no longer only involve cash.

Such is the trend in the business community where an extensive group of companies are enjoying the perks and seeing their bottom lines improve by utilizing the concept of bartering.  Whereas, excess inventory and seasonality used to be worrisome, now these usually negative issues are a positive to merchants who can trade overstock items or under booked rooms, for example, for items or services they can utilize.  

The International Barter Exchange, or IBE, locally consists of over 600 merchants in the Manatee and Sarasota County areas and has a global network of over 500,000 businesses.  By joining IBE, participating businesses are guided by established counselors to other companies whose goods and services might pair well for future bartering opportunities.  Merchants are able to use trade dollars in innovative ways to keep cash flowing and to seek out new sources to market their brand.  Because the network consists of a variety of merchants, the benefits can be staggering.

Internatioinal Barter Exchange

Members in the International Barter Exchange are discovering new ways to attract new customers and build loyalty with existing customers and other businesses.  Some are taking advantage of advertising opportunities with media outlets who also belong to IBE.  What a great way to get your name out by utilizing trade dollars to purchase advertising spots on active websites and in-print publications.  Hotels are bartering unused rooms for trips and excursions they can use themselves or pass on as incentives to employees or highly-regarded customers.  Accounting and legal services are readily available when you need them through the memberships of well-respected professionals in the IBE network. For companies who enjoy corporate outings to major league sporting events, concerts, and community events which can be costly and outside of normal budget allowances, bartering within the network can mean increased morale among employees who can enjoy an evening out with co-workers without causing the employer to tap into cash reserves to pay for it.

Some other perks for members of the International Barter Exchange include a cohesive group of counselors dedicated to ensuring the bartering transactions between businesses are fair and equitable.  Counselors provide guidance on the companies whose goods might be desirable to your needs and also actively market your brand to the rest of the members.  The process is on-going and monthly newsletters, a 24/7 database, monthly mixers and other events provide wonderful networking opportunities. Many of the business members are also leaders within the community so as soon as your membership takes place, you are immediately privy to their resources and ideas as well as being able to share your own.  This collaborative process results in IBE members becoming loyal to each other’s company interests and often, word of mouth results in additional business opportunities.  

Mary Unger

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level and join a network of professionals who are enjoying more cash flow while exploring the wonderful services and goods other companies represent as members of International Barter Exchange, please visit their website at www.ibebarter.com

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