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IBE Barter in Sarasota, Trade Dollars = A Valuable Relationship Currency

IBE Barter in Sarasota, Trade Dollars = A Valuable Relationship Currency

| Laura Bell Adams |

The Internal Revenue Service views IBE Currency or bartering ‘trade dollars’ same as cash. At least when it comes time to pay taxes. Future growth in this ‘private currency’ universe is huge. Currently the barter business is a 900 Billion dollar industry. In the near future you will see ‘IBE Currency Accepted Here’, as a natural and organic payment option.

Until you can ‘pay’ taxes with this valuable currency, the question remains… what is the true value of IBE Trade Dollars? One of the most important things to establish with a barter exchange is wholesale cost, while earning or spending this new found currency. Bringing in new plus business and saving cash is a valuable tool. Belonging to a well-managed barter exchange should be in your 2019 growth playbook. Realizing new business establishes a valuable relationship currency.



Using alternative currency when traveling abroad is familiar to us. We can use our converted currency in some countries where it is accepted, and not in others, limiting its value. The larger market there is to spend IBE currency in, the more valuable it becomes. IBE Barter has a large local market of card holders made up of top professional business people that accept IBE Currency for payment. IBE is also a member of the National Association of Trade Exchanges. This valuable reciprocal relationship expands our reach to help you spend IBE dollars. Accepting IBE trade dollars as a form of payment for the products/services offered provides the opportunity to spend them worldwide. IBE Trade Dollars are a valuable alternative modern currency accepted worldwide in over 500,000 locations.

I.B.E. Barter helps bring new business to restaurants, hotels, venues in Sarasota, FLBusiness owners that choose to accept this alternative currency are smart, forward thinking business builders. By providing their services/products, earning IBE dollars and spending them in place of cash, is truly smart business. When banking trade dollars with IBE you treat it like a traditional bank account. Technology drives the barter industry. IBE is a Licensed Owner of Trade Studio, a software that delivers a full arsenal of tools for the IBE management team, brokers, salespeople and clients. The IRS views a ‘barter exchange’ as a third party record keeping company. IBE Trade Studio software delivers 1099B reporting documents like clockwork for end of year reporting. IBE provides timely monthly statements, 24/7 online account access, authorization processing, mobile app, quick response codes for restaurant redemption’s. All this is possible with responsive software.

IBE Barter  brings new and additional plus business. Empty seats in the restaurant, empty hotel rooms, vacant venue seats, downtime in your business, excess inventory to move? Start putting these challenges to work for you. IBE introduces you to a new way of thinking about building and growing your business. IBE is a valuable relationship currency, an intrinsic value with purpose.

Photos courtesy of IBE and DepositPhotos


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