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There is a great Martial Arts Studio in Venice.  Here is Buck Buckmasters story.

I was a single father raising two awesome children, Candace was 8 years old and Brian was 7 years old.  They were involved in the normal sports, baseball, soccer, dance and music.  I always enjoyed attending their events.  I wanted to be a part of their lives.  Since I attended all of their events, I was constantly asked to be a coach.  I was honored, however, I turned them down.  I wanted to be a part of my children’s lives but not thirty other kids.

One day I decided to do something for myself that I could do during the day.  I joined a Martial Arts school called “Side Kicks”.  While I was there filling out my paperwork, the instructor, “Master Brian” told me they offered a family plan, so I asked about it.  He said, “Well, you could do classes with your children.” Really, I had never thought of it.  I signed them up and for the next four years we went to martial arts every day!  What a way to bond with your children. 

Revolutionary Martial Arts and Fitness

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Buck Buckmaster, Revolutionary Marial Arts and Fitness

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