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Tomatoes from The Homestead Hydroponic Farm

Homestead Hydroponic Farm in Myakka City, Florida

| Christine Baer |

This boutique hydroponic farm has one goal – to produce vegetables that are unusual and not only taste great but keep for a longer time period which prevents waste. 100% pesticide free, using our lovely ladybugs as natural pesticide control so Living Lettuce stays fresh for 2 weeks!

Greens can be fragile so this is a very important element. Harvesting the produce within 24-48 hours from the time of purchase, and keeping the roots on the living lettuce, makes the difference in taste and shelf life. You’ve never had a salad that is so delicious and fresh tasting. Tomato growing will start May 1…just can’t wait!

We were fortunate to enjoy the most beautiful swiss chard, mushrooms, carrots, and bunching onions this weekend; the full flavor and freshness of the farm grown vegetables is an amazing difference from the traditional grocery store choices.

Water and nutrients

Water and nutrients feed the plant roots directly. Homestead utilizes hydroponics as their main method of growing which means traditional soil is not used. A brief statement explains the basic method perfectly, although there is so much to learn about this method…a good idea would be to research organic biological controls.

“Hydroponic farming focuses on sustainable growing, water conservation, environmental consciousness, time/space efficiency, consistent quality crops with better shelf life, and natural pest control.” The Homestead Hydroponic Farm

Uses much less water

Only 1/10th of the amount of water than traditional farming is used so twice as much food can be produced in the same amount of space. This provides the longest local growing season. Shade and protection from environmental obstacles by utilizing structures are a few facts that encourage all of us to buy hydroponic farmed vegetables! We can contribute to our planet in this way and take good care of our health all at the same time!

The Homestead Hydroponic Farm website has a plethora of educational information answering questions about the hydroponic growing benefits. This is just a brief summary to familiarize you with a wonderful farm that makes a contribution to our earth and health!

Buy online

The online store is open for purchasing starting at 10am on Mondays and Tuesdays for pickup on Wednesday. The store is open again on Thursday and Friday for pickup on Saturday.

Orders can be picked up on Wednesday from 9-11am and on Saturday from 9-11am at the wonderful Chef Steve Phelps’ Indigenous Restaurant at 239 S Links Ave, Sarasota, FL 34236.

If you have any questions or would like to sign up to receive the Homestead weekly email, send a note to:

Editor’s note: Christine Baer wrote several articles for The Suncoast Post. Here’s one you might enjoy.

Photos from Homestead Farm.

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