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Have You Updated Your Website Lately?

| Sande Caplin |

With the holiday season being right around the corner, there is so much to think about and to get ready for.  How often do we stop and say “is my website up-to-date? Am I taking full advantage in making small changes when necessary to be able to count on getting new business and growing the one I have?” It’s so important that your website is up to date.  While many of you update your site on a weekly basis, there are several of you who could really use help in updating and maintaining your website on a regular basis.  Therefore, new means of responsive technology are crucial for you to consider for your websites.  I urge you, since competition is fierce in the digital technology field, don’t get left behind thinking this not does not apply to you and your future success.  

If your website is over a year old, the following updates should be made as soon as possible:

•    Content for the “home” and “about us” page should be updated or totally changed.  This is very important for rankings and also for clients to see changes to your site.

•    Your entire site should be checked for accuracy and for changes that need to be shared with viewers.

•    Some websitess are over 3 years old and need major upgrading.

•    Websites become obsolete as new technology evolves.  There are many new and innovative ideas that can improve your website.

Call Sande Caplin and Associates today to hear about the improvements that can be made to your site before the season starts.  We look forward to helping you!   (516 381-9990)

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