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Glow Yoga? Yeah, It’s a Thing!

Glow Yoga? Yeah, It’s a Thing!

| Laura Bell Adams |

Looking for a change up to your usual yoga routine? I recently saw a listing for a “Glow Yoga” event on my NextDoor feed and was curious. I had heard of “Beer Yoga” and “Goat Yoga” but glow was new to me so I reached out to the owner of Yoga Bradenton, Kathleen Gallen, to find out more.

Kathleen invited me out to her new facility (opened in Spring, 2018) in West Bradenton. Yoga Bradenton is located within its sister business, Spa Northwest. I walked into a serene and welcoming waiting area and Kathleen gave me a tour of what used to be a doctor’s office. The transformation from 1980s doctor’s office to yoga studio/spa took about a year, but was well worth the wait.

Owner of Yoga Bradenton, Kathleen Gallen, with her dog Harry.Kathleen, a licensed massage therapist and certified yoga instructor and teacher, has been in the yoga/spa business since 2008 when she opened Gallen Massage and Yoga. In 2012, her business continued to grow with her husband, an artist and musician, joining in. Their continued success warranted a larger space; the new location in the Tanglewood Professional Park, is better able to serve their clients. She explained that many of her clients are professionals from the nearby medical facility as well as families in town taking care of loved ones. Yoga and massage go hand in hand in helping as a restorative treatment for her clients.

After my tour, I asked Kathleen to explain the different types of yoga that her studio offers. The “glow yoga” is a special event. The class is a flow style of yoga where the room is lit with black light so that everything will glow. Clients are encouraged to wear bright colors. It will be more of an interactive, dance party atmosphere. It’s a more upbeat and fun class rather than the typical class.

The other yoga I was unfamiliar with was Yoga Nidra, also referred to as Yoga Sleep. Now, that is something that really intrigued me. I’ve always been the one in class who can’t relax, so I think I’ll be signing up for this one! The instructor leads the class in a guided meditation with 45 minutes of deep breathing and stretching. The participants focus on parts of the body and imagery where they are brought to the edge of sleep and then brought back. Kathleen explained that this is a reset for the nervous system and is quite restorative.

Yoga Bradenton and Spa NorthWest offer a full schedule of yoga classes, massage, facials and numerous other spa treatments.



If you’d like to try “Glow Yoga” on February 8, you can call to reserve your spot at 941-713-1637 or book online at  The glow class is at 5:45 and is $15. The Yoga Nidra class is held monthly and can be reserved online, along with all of their other classes. See you on the mat––Namaste!

Yoga Bradenton at Spa Northwest 

5201 21st Ave. W. Bradenton, FL 34209

Photos courtesy of Paul Ramshaw.


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