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the gift of fishing from captain lance

Give Dad the Gift of “Fishing” for Father’s Day

| Suncoast Post Staff |

Every year we all ask the same question- What do we get Dad for Father’s Day? A tie, shirt, just a card, lunch or dinner, a hat… it’s the same old, same old! This year get dad something different and special, a Gift Certificate for a day of fishing with the Florida Fishing Fleet in Cortez Florida.

There is nothing better than going out for a day of fishing. Fresh air, wide open spaces, plenty of room and most of all you will bring fresh fish home for dinner!

Captain Lance Plowman has been fishing the local waters for years! He knows how to find the fish. Your Dad will have a very special day. And, why not go with him. Nothing would be more special that Dad’s son, daughter, wife, or grandkids join him on the fishing trip.

Captain Lance and Erin

It’s easy to purchase a gift certificate with Florida Fishing Fleet “on-line”. Go to and hit the “purchase gift certificate” button. You pick the amount of money that you want to spend, and the certificate is emailed to you. It’s that easy.

So, don’t wait! Father’s Day is getting close. Your Dad will love you.

Florida Fishing Fleet
4628 119th Street West
Cortez, Florida 34215
941/ 720-6174

Photo from Sande Caplin & Associates.

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