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Maryellen Graham

Florida Financial Solutions, Business Loans

| Sande Caplin |

I recently met with the Director of Florida Financial Solutions, Maryellen Graham.  I asked her how she chose this more creative end of Finance, and she related to me that she started in this industry back in 1999 by working for one of the largest credit card receivable companies in the country.  At some point it occurred to Maryellen that it would realistically take more than one product to fit every business owner’s needs and she was seeing, on a daily business, good business owners being turned down by traditional lenders and banks.

If a business had the opportunity to tell its story and show its assets, some of these businesses would have no trouble getting credit.  This is the precise reason Maryellen Graham started her business.  In 2006 Maryellen began bringing in lenders for different types of needs.  These lenders can now fulfill the special needs for getting approval for loans, even for those companies with sub-standard credit.  The companies can demonstrate their unique strengths to own and operate their businesses in several ways.  One way is called Construction factoring.  It is an alternative to standard commercial construction loans and is a great way to grow your company. Factoring will allow you to be able to pay for materials and labor, and will let you compete for larger jobs that you did not normally be able afford to take on.  Just like with standard factoring, with construction factoring you can receive up to 80% of your invoice amount in advance. The balance is held in reserve until the invoice is paid. Historically the 80% advance is more than enough to cover all related expenses while still leaving your company with a good profit margin.  And that’s only one example of the many ways there are to procure credit for companies that are deserving of it and could not get credit through traditiFlorida Financial Solutionsonal routes like bank lending.

Florida Financial Solution’s mission is to “Help customers realize their business dreams”.  The idea of helping business owners grow and prosper is our goal.  So if you’re a business owner looking for financing that will improve your business, Florida Financial Services would love to hear from you.  We can get together and brainstorm the financial formula that will put you on the road to success.  We have so many ideas and ways to go about doing this, and I am enthusiastic, knowledgeable and ready to help you get started. 

Give them a call or e-mail us at  or   Maryellen’s  phone number is 727-410-1585.  Visit the website at

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