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Find Downtown Bradenton, Florida Businesses That Are Currently Open

Find Downtown Bradenton, Florida Businesses That Are Currently Open

| Sande Caplin |

To support local Bradenton, Florida businesses, Realize Bradenton recently launched Bring It Home Bradenton, a website that features an updated list of downtown restaurants offering take-out service and other businesses that are open and offering online sales during the coronavirus outbreak. The website is located at

“During these unprecedented times, it is critical that we come together as a community and support locally owned restaurants and other small businesses. These industries are integral to the vitality of downtown Bradenton—they are part of what makes our city truly unique,” said Johnette Isham, Executive Director of Realize Bradenton. “Together, when we support local businesses and organizations, we build a stronger community that is more resilient during challenging times.”



Realize Bradenton encourages supporting these local businesses though utilizing their services and social media. Consider sharing and liking their posts, telling friends and family about available products and services, or sending a kind message. Many business owners need to know how much the community supports their efforts to continue contributing to the local economy in a responsible way.

Realize Bradenton recommends contacting each business prior to visiting as daily operations or procedures may vary, and to follow guidelines from local officials and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

About Realize Bradenton
Realize Bradenton is a nonprofit organization that promotes redevelopment and economic growth in downtown Bradenton by transforming places, engaging people, and realizing possibilities. For more information visit:

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