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Sande Caplin and Associates

Exciting News From Sande Caplin and Associates

| Sande Caplin |

Sande Caplin and Associates is pleased to announce that their new website, has now gone “live!”  The company based in Sarasota, Fl also has satellite offices in Arlington, VA and Long Island, NY.  Their new website employs the latest interactive and responsive technology.

“We went a bit out on a limb when we designed our site” says Sande Caplin, President of the company.  “We didn’t want the same old, same old.  We wanted to raise a few eyebrows and have folks ask us some questions as to why we designed our site the way we did.”

While a majority of the websites they have built are based in Florida they also have sites all over the country.  Some of their latest accomplishments:

The company is most proud of their  “on-line” publication,  The “Post” has become the “go to” website to find out the latest goings on through out the Florida Gulf Coast.

Coming soon, our biggest and best site yet….“Linens By The Sea.”  And, late fall a new website for Bradenton’s biggest and best music venue and restaurant.  (Can’t say their name yet!)

To learn more about Sande Caplin and Associates, visit their website or call 516 381-9990.  They are a great bunch of “local” folks helping “local” business.

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