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East West College of Natural Medicine

East West College of Natural Medicine

| Sande Caplin |

Many people invoke a variety of medical philosophies into their health and wellness routines.  For many, combining Eastern and Western medicinal practices works well.   And, in an age where there is a pill for every illness and subsequent medications to combat side effects of taking the pills, people are falling back on age-old traditional medical practices.  One of the oldest and well-respected of these philosophies is acupuncture.

Acupuncture is the ancient Chinese practice of inserting needles in strategic points throughout the body to bring about healing in all sorts of manners.  People seek out acupuncture to assist in stress and nervous issues, pain ailments, inflammation, nausea and stomach issues and much more.  The premise behind acupuncture is that energy flows through your body and interruptions in that energy can cause diseases and illnesses.  Through the placement of thin needles at specific points near the skin, those energy disruptions can be corrected.  For many people, there is a general sense of calm, tranquility and balance after an acupuncture session.

The East West College of Natural Medicine, located in Sarasota, is a well-respected Oriental medical facility.  Here, students can earn a Master’s of Science Degree in Oriental Medicine concurrently with a Bachelor’s of Professional Health Sciences.  Students have the option of Accupuncture Sarasota Bradenton Venice Floridalearning all the aspects of traditional Chinese medicine touching on many of the holistic arts such as acupuncture, herbal medicine and massage.  The massage therapy programs readies students for Florida licensing, and covers many massage methodologies such as Swedish massage, deep tissue and acupressure.  The massage therapy certificate program assists students with the knowledge required for entry level massage service positions. 

The college offers several seminars throughout the year on holistic and homeopathy approaches to medicine.  In addition, an onsite clinic offers a variety of services to the students and community.  The professional clinic is staffed by licensed professionals, including representation by Western medicine doctors, acupuncturists, and doctors of oriental medicine.  An individual treatment plan is developed and, depending on the diagnosis, may include acupuncture, diet and exercise recommendations, herbal supplements and massage.  An initial consultation runs $85.00 and return visits are $65.00.

The Student Clinic is a teaching facility on the campus which provides students a place to complete their clinical requirements for the Master of Science in Acupuncture program.  Approximately 250 people are treated in the student clinic on a weekly basis.  The clinic also has an herbal dispensary, carrying a vast selection of Chinese herbs and medicines.  Some of the services offered are acupuncture, homeopathy, Chinese herbal medicine, Cupping and Tuina.  Fees for these services are $40.00 per treatment/session.  East West College of Natural Medicine has an extensive network of alumni who serve as a support system for recent graduates.  And, as a testament to their appreciation and love for the school, many former students return to teach at the school.

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