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Donating Blood Is A Piece Of Cake!

Donating blood is so easy.  I mentioned in a story last week that on my Birthday I was going to save lives by donating blood  I hadn’t donated in many, many years!  When I was informed that my blood donation can help save up to three lives, I knew it was a no brainer.

I arrived at the 6th Annual 107.0 WSRZ “Pints for Play” event and was immediately greeted by several staff and volunteers.  They made me feel so welcome and comfortable.  I filled out a form and was escorted by a very nice lady to one of the bloodmobiles.  Once inside, I had to answer some questions and the next thing you know I was relaxing on a comfortable lounge type chair.  A few moments later several nurses were joking with me and before you know it I was all set up to donate.

Sande Caplin donating blood!The entire process took about a half hour.  During that time everyone……the staff and donors were joking and really enjoying the time together.  It made me feel really good- having fun and Saving Lives.   It was like family!   I had a bottle of water was given some very easy instructions on what to do over the next couple of hours and the next thing you know, the wonderful folks outside were thanking me and making me feel “so good!”

So, what are you waiting for?  The SunCoast Blood Bank needs everyone’s help.  Only 38 percent of the US population is eligible to donate blood – and less than 5 percent do.  An amazing, yet true, statistic. SunCoast Blood Bank needs to collect an average of 150 units of blood, every day, 365 days a year.  It’s a huge task…..a monumental task.  

For more information visit them on line at …….or contact me!  I will be happy to share my experience.

Donating Blood Is Easy!

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