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Disaster-Proof Home on the Drawing Board

| Sande Caplin |

Imagine a home that resists floods, hurricanes, high winds, tornadoes, earthquakes, even fire. With the right financial backing, that’s just what Manatee County resident George Lino is ready to build.

In its infancy, Lino Storm-Proof Homes has launched with a 4 ft. x 4 ft.  scale model that’s floating in a lake close to George’s home. The Lino Storm-Proof Home is a patented invention of an aluminum-foam structural housing unit that is storm-proof, self-contained, and built to withstand natural disaster conditions. The combined use of aluminum alloy and foam as its building materials gives the unit its great strength, as well as the versatility needed to face natural disaster conditions while providing absolute resistance to heavy winds, flooding, earthquake, and fire.

Since the unit is buoyant, during flooding conditions it lifts from the ground and is guided by vertical poles to maintain a horizontal orientation. The unit automatically disconnects from public utility systems as lifting occurs, and provides its inhabitants with self-contained sources of water, electrical energy, and sewage management.

George demonstrated the home’s strength and buoyancy by standing inside his 4-ft. square model floating on the lake.

“It’s unsinkable,” George exclaimed. “There is nothing that can destroy it.”

The interior walls are also of aluminum and foam, with sheetrock covering it so it resembles a typical single family dwelling inside.  Highly insulated, it resists heat and cold, unlike a typical modular or mobile home. His prototype is a two-bedroom, one-bath, two-car garage model but George says he can build to any specifications.

Currently, this entrepreneur has the home listed on, a website that invites interested parties to fund inventors’ projects. With $500,000 start-up costs, George plans to hire an engineer, architect, contractor, laborers and to build a warehouse. Part of these funds will also help with marketing the invention.

Storm Proof Home Manatee County FloridaFrom there he’ll build a 1,600 sq. ft. spec home on his property off of Hwy 301 in Bradenton and is set to expand to any U.S. region. Marketing consultant Mike Lolli said the ideal customer will probably be located in a town that’s experienced a recent state-of-emergency catastrophe.

“Why rebuild the same type of house when you can build one that’s disaster proof ? ” Mike asked. “It’s also the perfect home for someone who has a waterfront lot and is ready to build.”

The cost of building the storm proof home with the floating dock is around $480,000. Without the floating deck, appropriate for homes that aren’t at risk of floods, it’s $320,000. And George claims it can be built in a month.

The Lino Storm-Proof Home is eco-friendly in its materials as well as energy saving features. It’s also fairly sound-proof George said. Bullet-proof windows are featured so there’s no way a flying object can permeate its walls or windows.

George has checked with governmental experts and doesn’t see a problem with permitting, unlike what’s happening in the tiny home business. “It’s not mobile like the tiny homes,” George said.

Mike and George intend to have some fun with this. To demonstrate their claims, they will set the model on fire, try to flood it, and shoot it with a gun among other things and capture this in their first demonstration video.

George Lino is no stranger to entrepreneurial endeavors, as he just sold his pipeline valve repair business that he started from scratch. He’s been a master welder for 40 years and was born in the Kingdom of Toadoanga, a small island in the South Pacific.

“George has a natural entrepreneurial spirit,” Mike said. “And his faith (Baha’i) is setting a new bar for giving back.”

“I’m giving 50 percent of all profits back to the workers,” George said. “From the president down to the broom pusher. It’s very important to give back.”

For more information, call George at 941-281-8994 or visit his website at

Lino Storm-Proof Home photos by Patti Pearson

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