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Detwiler's Farm Market

Detwiler’s Farm Market:
Eat Fresh for Less

| Jodi Schwarzenbach |

Deciding where to spend your weekly grocery dollars is serious business.  Just ask advertisers and marketing firms who put forth massive budgets and time to catch your split-second attention toward their new product.  They strategically place cereals and candies at the perfect eye-level of demanding young consumers.  There are stores who accommodate the leanest of budgets to those able to spare no expense to feed their families.  From Walmart Neighborhood Markets to Morton’s Gourmet Market, and everything in between, finding places to buy food is not a problem.  Rarely, though, is there a place that provides healthy, locally sourced foods and is also budget friendly.  A store that is a delight to the senses and makes checking off a grocery list a pleasure is not the norm. 

In Sarasota County, there are a number of wonderful places to food shop, especially if you live in north to mid-county. Places like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods add variety to the list of local food stores.  But for those shoppers in south county, it is a weekly back forth between Publix and Aldi’s, at least for me.  Recently, I broke out of my normal routine and tried a place I have not been to for years.  I must say, a week later and the last of the produce is still fresh and the smoked cob bacon just ran out, so I’m already planning my next visit to Detwiler’s Farm Market.

Detwiler’s Farm Market

Detwiler's Farm Market

From their website, “The Detwiler family built a farmer’s market inside of a grocery store. And it worked.​ We began from humble roots, selling fresh fruits and veggies on the side of the road. Then we decided to take our little farm market to the next level. Detwiler’s Farm Market was born.​ Our beloved flagship store at 6000 Palmer Blvd., in Sarasota, FL started it all. So much wholesome love and goodness is packed into this cozy market. Our original store epitomizes Detwiler’s. Since then, we’ve built a store in Venice, and a store on University Blvd., Sarasota/Bradenton.​ At Detwiler’s, we buy local when possible. If we can buy high quality foods from within 100 miles, we do it. We believe in supporting the community and local economy.​ And we love organic produce. There’s nothing better than fruits and veggies grown the way God intended. And we hold our meat, seafood and deli products to the highest standard. We source from farms and ranches that do things right—from all-natural raised Salmon from Norway, to grass-fed beef from Missouri, to all-natural chicken from the low mountains of north Georgia. Your family’s health is our first priority. We want you to feel welcome at Detwiler’s. Our knowledgeable and friendly associates are shining examples of the Detwiler’s Farm Market culture. Wholesome, nutritious food at great prices and customer service beyond your expectations. This is what all customers deserve.

When we went to Detwiler’s we visited the Clark Road store.  Additionally, they have five other locations in Palmetto, Venice, and throughout Sarasota.  (We are still wishful for one to open in North Port.)  We filled our cart with amazing produce at prices well below that of our usual grocery stores.  Fresh strawberries, cherries, peppers, tomatoes, zucchini and cantaloupe made for a colorful produce tray when we got home.  The deals on steaks and chicken were amazing, and both items proved to be of exceptional quality.  From the bakery and deli, we snagged giant soft pretzels that the kids loved, and wonderful cinnamon rolls slathered with creamy icing, which made midnight snacking extra sweet.  We bought local eggs and fresh milk and cheese, produced at the dairy just down the road.  Though not an official accounting, we felt the money we had spent at Detwiler’s bought more food for the week than we would have been able to get from Publix.  The savings were on par with shopping at Aldi’s.  The quality and taste of the food we bought from Detwiler’s is definitely going to make up for the ride to Venice for our next shopping venture, where we will definitely get more of that cob bacon.  Please visit Welcome to the Family!

Photos courtesy of Detwiler’s Farm Market Facebook page. 

DISCLAIMER – Photos don’t depict current pricing!


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