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Date Night at Lucky’s Market Sarasota

Date Night at Lucky’s Market Sarasota

| Sande Caplin |

We’ve all seen that meme running around Facebook that depicts what many of us call a good night out.  Drinks at Applebee’s, followed by a leisurely romp around Target, filling our baskets full of nonsensical items that make us happy.  For me, feeling truly grown-up happened when our Friday nights made the gradual shift from late nights at the Five O’clock Club to clearance shopping in the Target aisles. But there was always that notion that a nice glass of wine whilst spending a paycheck on home and beauty finds should be something all retail establishments offered.  While Target may have missed the boat on that one, Lucky’s Market in Sarasota is ready to liven up your shopping experience.

Founded by two Colorado chefs in 2003, Lucky’s Market is based on the premise that a farmer’s market and health food store should be combined under one roof, with room for traditional foods so that shoppers don’t have to drive all over town to check off their grocery lists.  Add in the option for people to sip on a nice glass of wine or pint of beer as they shop, and a recipe for success has been brewed.  Clever marketing slogans and unique product displays including color-coded shelving to differentiate beers for example just adds to a consumer-friendly environment.  Local vendors proudly stand next to their teas, oils, and soaps ready to dole out a sample or explanation on the merits of purchasing locally-sourced items. 

Great  Food at Lucky's Market in Sarasota FloridaLucky’s Market is set up with wide open aisles and a brightly-lit interior, creating both an invigorating and inviting retail space.  Unlike many grocery stores where the deli is a smaller, confined area, the deli at Lucky’s is expansive and more like a small takeout restaurant.  They have a huge selection of take-and-bake meals, with everything from rigatoni to roast beef and vegetables, specialty pizzas, salads, subs, and sandwiches, with generous toppings overflowing the sides of soft, freshly made rolls.  Salad bars, heaped full of every imaginable vegetable and flavored olive you might need for fixing a nutritious salad plate gets the appetite flowing. The glassed deli counters at Lucky’s were full to the brim with hams, turkeys, and giant wheels of cheeses from Havarti to Jarlsberg, literally void of any empty space, creating a delicious picture.  Without using artificial colors, preservatives, and flavors, their bakery has a huge selection of delectable pastries, cakes, cookies and other sweets. They encourage their shoppers to ask for samples, so make sure to ask for a taste of a glazed twist if you go. 

All you need is love at Luckly's Market in Sarasota FloridaThe selections offered at Lucky’s are unique in that they are mostly organic and whole food options, but also consist of traditional products.  Need a specialty toothpaste free of preservatives and harmful chemicals?  Gads of choices, but you can also purchase a tube of Crest or Colgate.  This model of product inclusion can be found throughout the entire store.  As much as Lucky’s is a natural foods specialty store, it is also a place where you could find absolutely everything you need for a Thanksgiving or Easter meal. Inasmuch as the store has everyday items, you will also find a Wellness Bar, and locally-sourced honey and olive oil stations, where you can bottle your own.  A generous produce area with fruits and vegetables heaped and organized on free-standing islands makes choosing fresh foods easy.  So, grab a glass of wine on your way in, feel good about what you’re putting in your cart, make sure to pick up a bouquet of fresh, and inexpensive, flowers, too, and you have the makings of a fantastic shopping experience, also known as “date night” to many of us.  For more information, please visit

 Photos courtesy of Lucky’s Market Facebook Page.

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